Anchoring - All chain rode in the PNW?

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Default Anchoring - All chain rode in the PNW?

I've noticed that the further north I've gone, more than likely, I'm going to run into someone using all chain rode. Up in BC they seem to favor 300' (100M, whatever) of chain and just across the border in WA I see more rode setups with ~60' chain spliced into 3 strand, both with and w/o swivels at the anchor or swiveled after 5' of chain and then shackled back to the remaining chain/3-strand rode.

I have a 33' power vessel with a dry weight of 15,000 lbs.

Currently I have 60' of 5/16 G4 chain spliced into 300' of 3/4" 3 strand with a 17kg Bruce anchor

I need recommendations for anchor, and rode that will be bombproof from Anacortes to Juneau.

Currently I'm almost sold on the Excel SARCA #5 for an anchor but I could be wrong and probably am.



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That should be good man. I have 30 feet of chain to my anchor and my buddy is all chain. Both seem to work, as you know the problem is you must have enough weight and length for the depth you are anchoring in.
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That entire area is know for having lot's of wind and big sea conditions. The real question is how deep do you plan to anchor and will it be on the weather side of where ever you are? 300 feet of rode might not be enough considering the recommended scope/depth ratios.
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All chain rode, I prefer a Bruce type anchor but for lighter boats a danforth seems to work. I have drug a plow around an anchorage more then once. For the Bruce I would think a 22kg for your boat should be adequate.
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For the inside passage, I'd like to say you'd be ok with the 60' of chain but maybe for peace of mind increase the length chain you have to 100' ?
On my 32' Nordic Tug I went with 100' of chain and 300' of 3 strand.
I like the Rocna , Bruce, and Delta anchors in that order.
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There is a fella with an epic anchor test thread with videos over at Sailing Anarchy.
Sign In - Sailing Anarchy Forums

He has posted a compilation of his excellent videos that are very informative.
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