West Coast bottom fishing

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Default West Coast bottom fishing

Hi y'all!

We just moved to the west coast of British Columbia, Canada and we shall be buying a boat to fish out in the Georgia straight/ Salish Sea for rockfish, Lingcod and Halibut. We have never undertaken this king of fishing before and are wondering what kinds of setups are required for these species. We both (my wife and myself) prefer spinning rod setups over conventional rods/ reels and are looking for recommendations on rods, reel sizes and line weights.

We thank you all in advance!!!
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My take on moving to the West coast from the East was: 1) the water is almost always cold. I moved from NJ to San Diego in 2003. The water high temperature for the yr was about 60oF. More recently, a high temp for the waters around San Diego was about 72oF. At first I wondered where all the CC's were then it came rather apparent. There is no blasting up the coast in a CC in a short sleeve shirt. Make sure the boat you buy has some protection from the weather. I also lived in the bay area, even colder with considerable fog. Very different from NJ where the water temps can be as high as 85oF.
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Welcome out here. Where ya from? There is a good group of local BC fishers with a local forum for them if you search. Our water is ALWAYS cold. Grundens and Xtratufs will be your friends Lots of fishing and cruising options.
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Default Bottom fishing

From my experience with going out with folks to the central coast HMB area and slightly north past the Golden Gate, everyone seemed to use casting reels like AVETs, Shimanos and such. Anything with a high gear ratio would be suitable preferably 6:1 and higher. If not, you will have trouble with reeling in larger and stronger fish from deeper waters and it will not be a productive or as pleasant fishing trip. I am speaking from personal experience. If you decide to fish the depth limit this year 40 fathoms/240' deep, do not use any reel that had a weak drag and low gear ratio. Because dropping down your line in such depths will require you to use heavier braid like 80-100lbs with 10-16oz weights to get to the bottom. Keep in mind that is without a 5-10lb fish. Happy fishing and hope you do well on the water!
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If you prefer spinning reels look at the 6500 size. Will fit plenty of 50-65lb braid on and no problems fishing to 300', match it with a good jigging stick. Lots of guys up here converting over to them. Penn is sending me 2 6500 series (not sure what model) to beat the crap out of on halibut and lingcod this season. If they have spinning reels holding up to the abuse from GBT than anything here on our coast it will handle.
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