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Default Hawaii Charter

I just won a trip to Hawaii for work. I'm staying in Wailea but may extend my trip for a few days and try to fish off of Kona. I'm a pretty seasoned fisherman and have caught 20-30 Blues, Hundreds of Sails, and a dozen or so whites, and a handful of big swords to boot... Heck, I've got every billfish Species on the planet except for a Black or a Stripey.

Since I have won this trip for Work, I'm seeing if anyone has a good recommendation for a charter/crew that will work hard to try and put on one of the Kona Big girls that swim out there. I'm not sure on what time of year is best for the really big Blues off of Kona, but I know that location has won the World Cup a couple of times so I'm hoping to see what I can find. My trip is the first week of May.

Oh- and I'm staying in Wailea so if anyone knows a good charter locally there I'd be equally interested in finding a good charter to fish while I'm there.

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Hi Joe
The "best times " for Blues is July and August ...however that does not mean you can't hook one up... I would recommend Teddy Hoogs boat is "Bwana" he will put you on the fish contact him at. 1-808-936-5168.....Good luck Brad
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Below is a somewhat outdated list, still plenty of the boats/Captains the same. This was written by the Manager of the Kona Melton's Store (since closed down). My slip neighbor is buds w/ McGrew and Carlton (Ihu'Nui), they did well in the 2017 HIBT. McGrew has 3 granders under his belt.

I use to book charters for some top boats in Cabo San Lucas and can tell you the most important thing is finding the right match and or someone your comfortable with and share the same fishing philosophy...

Get your note pad out and figure out what you want from your boat, captain and crew then get on the phone or e-mail and do a quick interview...

Top captains prefer this, they want to make sure they're on the same page as the angler. This doesn't mean negotiating a price, trust me these guys price their boats extremely fair and are the best value in any ocean by far. If you come off like a rate shopper, you'll get treated like one which means you won't get anywhere with the captain.

Everyone thinks we out of hand recommend Kevin Nakamaru on Northern Lights at our store, nothing could be further from the truth, I have never fished with Kevin and we are not buddy's, but he is a hell of a hard working fisherman and knows his stuff cold, but is not everyones cup of tea either so that's why we always recommend at least a couple of captains to most enquiry's.

Here's my Long short list, all the captains are great and offer something unique along with their boats:
Sea Genie II 39', Gene Vander Hoek
Ihu Nu 35'i, Mcrew Rice & Carlton Arai
Marlin Magic II 52', Marlin Parker
Bad Company 55', Randy Parker
Soon to be a 45 foot Rybo
Marlin Magic I 43', Jason Holtz
Jun Ken Po 42', Mike Holtz (returns soon)
Foxy Lady 46', Boyd Decoito (most underated capt. in Kona, HI)
Humdinger 39' Jeff Fay
Rod Bender 35', Kirwen Masunaga
Monkey Biz II 35', Chip Van Mols
Five Star 52' Carlton Taniyama & Matt Losasso
Northern Lights 37', Kevin Nakamaru & Steve Epstein
Bite Me 42', Kevin Hiney
Illusions 39', Tim Hicks
Lepika 31', Russ Nitta
Dojo 42', Ryan Foster
Chiripa 36', Bill Crawford
Playtime 39', Wayne Knight
Lady 37', O.B. Morton
Howbadoyouwanit 35', Allan Bakke & Sam Choy Jr.
Krista 40', Dennis Cintas
Fish Wish 33', Kent Mongreig
Anxious 35', owner Neal Isaacs
Monkey Biz 35', Vinny Maggio
Tara II 53', Scott Fuller (Scooter)
Why Knot 31', Billy Dorr
I have probably missed a dozen or so other great captains and boats for no other reason than my hands are cramping up...

Remember do your homework, interview the captains and find the right operation to fish with that suites what you want to do:
Chase Big Fish
Jig at the buoy
Light tackle
bait and switch
Catch Tuna
Stand up
Night Time
Catch first Spear fish
Bring family and friends for 2 days then fish hard for 2 days
Tell the capt what you want, then let them make recommendations...Listen to what they have to say, yes you are the customer, but they are the expert...You are paying for that expertise, so you should listen closely. Don't start off asking for a discount, you'll be looked at as a cheap charlie whether you are or not and that won't help you, don't turn it into a negotiating session the prices in Kona, HI are the best their are set a budget and work with the captain you want to fish with on number of days....

Not being snotty here, but if you are looking for one day or a 3/4 or half and or that is all you can afford, your not really going Big Game hunting / fishing, your recreational fishing and I would suggest you find the right size boat and a versitile capt that likes to fish for everything and you'll enjoy your day.

If you are looking for 3 days plus your looking at being able to create a realistic plan to CHASE what you want and have some success, which you generally can't do in one day.

Well those are what I would call the golden rules for chartering in Kona, HI and abroad...

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