Lake Tahoe Fishing

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Default Lake Tahoe Fishing

I'm from the East Coast and fished flounder and such. Moving to the West I've no idea what I'm in for when it comes to these parts of water.
Anyone have advice for fishing at lake Tahoe??
What does the population of species look like?
I would love to go out soon!!
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Default Tahoe

It's mostly a coldwater fishery for mackinaw, kokanee and trout. It has both browns and rainbows. The south end has some black bass around the Tahoe keys area.
it's a tricky fishery at best
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If your out that way go fish pyramid lake for big cutthroat trout. It's a world class fishery. I have fished it a few times while visiting Reno
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Sounds good to me! Trout and bass ����
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i would recommend using a guide to fish Tahoe. it will just work better..
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Start with a guide. Ask him/her for ideas you can use on your own. Good way to start learning the lake.

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Sorry for the late reply, but bumping in case you are still around and curious. My wife and I went out on a charter fishing boat one time in Tahoe. They leave at the crack of OMG and are back before Noon. We caught about (6) 22" Mackinaw and there were about 12 people on the boat. Luckily we got to keep one and it was delicious.

It was a super boring experience though. The fish are DEEP, 200' plus, so the boat had a pretty sophisticated radar/finder setup, plus knew the spots (and time of day) where they are most likely to bite and we still only caught 6 fish after being on that boat almost six hours with at least 6 lines out at a time. The fish are so deep they blow up like big balloons because of the pressure difference and there is also zero fight; just lots and lots of reeling in. The fish are like big limp, lifeless, ugly balloons when you pull them onto the boat.

Not really my idea of a fun time fishing, but it was beautiful watching the sunrise on the lake and being out there so early.

You also can't fish anywhere near the Truckee river outlet (the only outlet on Lake Tahoe) so you can't really fish shallow water very easily and I've never really even seen anyone fishing anywhere on Tahoe. Not sure about South Lake/Tahoe Keys...we don't venture down there very often.

That said, my Cabin neighbor up there is an avid Fisherman and absolutely loves to fish on the small local lakes north of Truckee where he said there is absolutely amazing bass fishing. I haven't tried it yet, but it's on my list for sure.

There's also world-class, challenging, catch-and-release fly fishing on parts of the Truckee river. I'd suggest a guide for that too.

Hope that helps!
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