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Oil Bath Hubs

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Default Oil Bath Hubs

Wondering if I should switch from oil bath to packed grease hubs. I'm no hub expert, but seems that if I have hub issues on the way to Ft Lauderdale or the annual Keys trips from North Florida, the oil bath would be difficult to address on the side of the road. Am I wrong? What are your thoughts regarding hubs, and pre season maintenance.
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I would prefer oil bathed hubs over greased for long distances. Easy to monitor levels on route and normally run at a lower temperature with synthetic oil. Always a good practice to occasionally check temps (at fill ups?) to get an early indication of a problem. Like greased hubs, never hurts to have a spare set of bearings and a seal in the glove box.
The only issue I ever had with one was it had drawn in a small amount of water when dipped hot. Was probably just time for a new cap and seal. Again, it was easy to monitor and identified quickly.
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Thanks for the response!! Ok, I see where this was moved to a part of the forum I did not know existed. Seems to be there are threads related to my question as well that are helpful.
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Had oil bath hubs on a tri axle trailer and they all let water in. Biggest PITA ever. Had 2 different trailer shops try their hands at them and no dice. I'd imagine oil bath hubs are great for any trailer that doesn't get dipped in water but i'd never have them again on a boat trailer. The concept of oil over grease for the hubs/bearings is a winner and makes sense but keeping out the water proved to be too tall of a task in my experience. The 2nd shop put this silicone/tar looking black bead around the plastic oil bath part and the hub and the damn things still leaked.

I hauled the boat and trailer from Ft Lauderdale to DE and not sure if it was because they were new or not but every 150 +/- miles i stopped to add oil in the hubs as well. Never found an oil leak and the crazy part about them getting water intrusion is that never would all 6 get water in them but at least 1 every dip and not the same one.... Good luck if you go with them.
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Having had grease packed hubs and now Vault oil bath, i don't think I will ever go back.
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