Nissan Titan?

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Default Nissan Titan?

Anyone have one off these, how do you like it? Reliability what's the most mileage you have seen on one?
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I had 2010 model. Traded it in 2012 with 80K on it and the only issue was the louver control for the defrost went out and was replaced - it was a recall.
There was a guy I work with that had one with 220K miles on it. He got rid of it because it was starting to have major maintenance issues.

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Do a search on this forum- big thread on this....
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Nissan Titan XD
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Just traded in my 2004 Titan Crew Cab LE 4x2 with 262k+ miles for a 2019 Titan Crew Cab Platinum Reserve 4x2. Hope I can get 15 years and 250k miles out of the new one...
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I have a 2017 SL with 17k miles. So good!
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I have an '05 that I bought new. Mine only has 49k miles on it. The earlier years were known for exhaust manifolds and rear ends going bad. Mine experienced both.

Dont know the gas mileage, but it's not good.
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The Titan and the TitanXD are different trucks. The first is a true 1/2ton the second is, well, not.
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Just get a f250
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5 year 100k mile bumper to bumper warranty is pretty impressive.
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I bought a 2018 Crew Cab Pro4X with the 5.0 Cummins a couple of weeks ago, only have about 1200 miles on it so far. Mine is pretty loaded up and it appears to be a nice truck. I traded a 2017 Silverado 1500 Z71 LTZ Plus and I think my new interior is as nice or nicer in every area except the radio.
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The old ones are pretty solid trucks.
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I've had two, a 2004 and now a 2008. Both bought new. Solid trucks, no major mechanical issues. The 2008 has 150,000 miles. Tows 8000 lbs great. A/C leak last year. Had the hood and cab paint fade issue like a lot of them did, repainted last year, looks like a new truck.
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I had a 2008 with 149,000 miles , ran like new when I sold it.
I did not have the cracked exhaust / catalytic converter problem .
The power steering hose leaked (common) and I replaced that.
Also the spin on oil filter mount has a big O ring that can leak, but that is easy to fix.
Smooth engine , good power , transmission always shifted very nice. One of those automatics that just quietly goes
about it's job and you don't even notice it.
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