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I found what I was looking for.
An absolutely cherry 2004LC which has enjoyed easy miles and stellar maintenance throughout it's life. It had 129,000 on it when I bought it. The person I got it from saw me asking questions about LC's vs LX's on the IH8MUD forum and pm'd that he was selling his.
He was positively anal about maintenace on the truck and it came with a folder a 1/2" thick detailing everything he did to it right down to dates it was washed or waxed.

It seriously drives like a brand new vehicle. It's far less noisy on the road than my brothers 2016 Escalade. I kid you not. Being that age it doesn't have all the luxo features and yes...the electronics are dated compared to today's vehicles...cassette player in the port to plug in your phone and play audio through it but WOW... talk about solid.
There are no squeaks or rattles anywhere. I cannot hear it idling from 10 feet away.

Mileage runs 15 -15.5 doing short trips and I've gotten up to 18.7 on a tank run out on a long trip at 70-80mph. I'm remembering why I was so impressed with the 99 that we put 265,000 miles on. This one will get the same level of care it's used to and I plan on seeing at least 300,000 on the clock before I think about getting rid of it.
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Awesome! My '03 is solid. When borrowed people are always impressed.
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We have an 84 and a 14 Landcruiser. They are very tough and reliable. I prefer Toyota vs Lexus. Cheaper, same vehicle, high end truck but low profile. Maintained I would no issue buying one with 100,000 plus miles.
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Originally Posted by CJSB View Post
How does the LX tow?
Not exactly the same vehicles, but close enough.

Before I knew better, I towed my twin engine WA Robalo with a 2006 4Runner with the 4.7L V-8. Only did a few short tows with it before I decided it wasn't going to work. Around town it was OK, despite a severe squat. At the ramp it was fine. Mine was a full time 4WD, so grip wasn't really a problem. The 4.7L was maxed out with this load. On flat land, it could maintain speed. On any hills or overpasses, 45 was about all she would do.

With a more reasonable load, it will tow fine.
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I had a '99 LC that was previously owned by an older guy who had a book of maintenance receipts for it. It didn't fair as well as many on here did. By 100K miles it was looking at new struts, new CV joints and new U joints. I sold it.
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My wife's 09 GX 470 just hit 160K and is running strong. recently we did incur some significant repair costs with new catalytic converters and some other work. But she/we couldn't find another newer, similar, CPO vehicle to replace it. She didn't try that hard since she loves this one.
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