Dash Cam?

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Default Dash Cam?

Thinking I need a dash cam but I find they are mostly Chinese made and the quality go's from poor to OK. The list is a mile long and pinning one down for good quality, features and reasonable price is daunting. Any owners / users out there have advice on what to look at or stay away from?
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Garmin 20 I have 2.
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Originally Posted by Schmaltz~Herring View Post
Garmin 20 I have 2.
How long are the power chords on these Garmin 20's ?
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Originally Posted by mfix View Post
How long are the power chords on these Garmin 20's ?
Just long enough to work and leave some hanging off the dash.
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I have LUKAS brand dash cams and highly recommend them, the picture quality is excellent. In one of my vehicles I have one mounted on the dash as well on the rear window of a 4dr truck. You will be amazed on what you end up recording. I had mine professionally installed and the cables provided did not need to be extended.
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why do you need a dash cam? you mean for like a back up camera?
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Originally Posted by Rolandt03 View Post
why do you need a dash cam? you mean for like a back up camera?
No. With all of the texting while driving or road rage incidents and and bad driving that I observe I want to be able to record them in case of an accident. Also show LEO incidents that could have resulted a bad accident. Example: A driver passing me on the left shoulder of a 4 lane freeway, I was in the left lane with a car on my right right and I was going 75 mph.
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I bought one of these last year. So far, I have not found anything I don't like about it - and I'm pretty particular. This one has all the features and the video is simply incredible. Has GPS, shock sensor, replaceable micro SD memory. USB connection to PC for playback and / or file copy. HDMI output so you can use the camera as a playback device to watch videos on a TV with HDMI input. Auto boot and record when you start your car (I think less than 3 seconds). Audio recording. Stamps GPS date, time, coords and speed on video. Manual save button to save a file. Screen saver shows GPS speed while driving.

Comes with power cord that was more than long enough to string thru my headliner, down the A-pilar and under the dash to center console power plug on a fill size truck. Also comes with suction and I think glue-on mounts. I use the suction one and In a year I think I've had to "reset" it 3-5 times - mostly in HOT weather.

best part is they do sales and support from Canada. Web site is all I've ever needed - for instructions and player download but they have real folks who speak English too. One of the things I found others commenting on when I was researching.

I looked at a lot of cameras. LOTS of them - including the Garmin. This is absolutely the best thing I found after looking for years. I've been wanting one for more than 15 years - (an old lady crossed into my lane and then told police it was my fault - REALLY pissed me off) and I'd never found one I was willing to spend money on until this one.

Anyway, this is what I bought about a year ago.
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You can use your phone. There are a lot of free apps that turn your phone into a nice dash cam. Just get a mount for it. Free basically
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Blackvue, they are the best.
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