Truck size advice needed.

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Default Truck size advice needed.

I am looking for input/suggestions on the correct size truck to buy for towing my boat.
Lets start off with the boat size
I own a 3070 Pursuit with outboards. Fueled and loaded it will weigh in at approx 11,000 to 12,000 lbs
I live in the NW so there will be hills and the occasional mountain passes to deal with. I keep the boat moored 90% of the time but the are occasions 5-10 times a year I will be towing the boat to a fishing location due to time restraints and fuel savings.
I currently own a 3/4 to 2001 Chevy 2500 Silverado which I do not feel comfortable towing a long distance with.
I am looking at The Ford 350 Super Duty Truck 7.3 My Budget is between 12-16k I am not looking to spend much more than that since the truck is a 2nd vehicle and I would be using a car as primary transportation.
Thanks in advance for your input.
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would make more sense to trade that Chevy in and get a 1 ton of your liking;? then spend 15k on a 2nd truck.

not much diff in 3/4 ton and 1 ton (Ford anyway) other than slightly thicker frame, and a couple more leaf springs in the rear. till you get a Dulley.

I take it that Chevy is a gassser?

I would reccomend 1 of 2 things as well, being I own a 250 and 350 both 7.3's, get either airbags or dual rear wheels to help stop rear end sway through the twisties. I would also reccomend having a Banks exhaust brake ( Jake Brake) installed.
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Find one that has a tow rating far in excess of your trailer and boat. Then go out and buy a truck twice as big as that so as to comply with standard THT policy for truck & tow boat owners.
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If you buy the 7.3 diesel, and there is nothing major wrong with it, it will tow your boat just fine, without add-ons. That 7.3 was a workhorse, only problem was the noise, you couldn't hear yourself think when the engine was running. I would also suggest that you take a look at the Duramax engine around 2003 or so. I had a 2003 2500HD GMC Duramax with an Allison transmission and it would tow anything I wanted it to tow, including a fifth-wheel trailer with a boat hooked on behind just for kicks. Not really, just didn't have two tow vehicles.
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I too towed a heavy load (15,500) and had a seperate daily driver. While I hate going anywhere in a dually, the extra set of rear wheels makes a HUGE difference when hauling weight. Since the truck is used 90% for hauling, DRW was a no-brainer. The Ford 7.3 is a great choice, but I'm sure there are other (DRW) choices that will suit you fine.
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All ya need is a Rav 4!!!
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Within your budget, there are going to be some excellent trucks in Cummins, Duramax and Powerstroke. Dont discount looking for Cab Chassis type trucks ( Utility Beds etc) they are cheaper often.
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Originally Posted by Port Monster View Post
All ya need is a Rav 4!!!
x2 with a DRW conversion and exhaust brake and airbags and a CDL operator and some gas station malt liquor and ........... Should work out great Sorry to derail, just can't help ourselves.
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Inversely proportional to penis size
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Anything Toyota should work
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Originally Posted by Port Monster View Post
All ya need is a Rav 4!!!
Beat me to it!

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