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Default Pulled for not having weighted tags

So, just had my first run in with the law here in NC for not having weighted tags. I was driving up US17; just picked up the boat from having a service done on it. I've got a temp trailer tag and registration as I'm still waiting for the awesome NC DMV to mail me my tag. I saw a sheriff pull up to my boat and start eyeballing hard. I knew it was coming as I keep the temp tag behind my drivers seat that way I don't have to pull the cardboard tag off every time I launch the boat. So the sheriff pulls me over, walks up (looks like he's 12) asks if I know why he pulled me over. I say something about the trailer tag and I ask him if I can reach behind the seat to pull out the temp tag (slowly), he says yes, so I (slowly; I've got friends who are cops and they appreciate the slowly part) pull out my temp plate and show him. He then proceeds to ask me why I don't have weighted tags (I use the Admiral's Lincoln Navigator to pull the rig). I almost busted up laughing, but didn't. I guess he thought I was being a jacka$$, which maybe I was, because maybe he didn't like my explanation of NC weighted tag laws, and about 30 seconds after he goes back to his cruiser with my license and registration, another sheriff cruiser comes hauling @$$ up. They talk for about 2 mins, then this corporal asks me why I'm giving his deputy a hard time. I told him about our weighted tag lesson, then he went back to the other guy's car, comes back up to me, gives me back my license and registration, and says have a nice day. I guess it was the 12 year old deputy's first time.
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As a former LEO in SC, if he got his panties in a wad over that, then his future in law enforcement will be very short!!!
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Yup, no weighted tags needed on and SUV. A S-10 Blazer could be pulling 10,000 pounds and I could pull the same load with my Duramax but I would get a ticket without a weighted tag because trucks aren't considered recreational vehicles. Kinda stupid huh?
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Glad I live in Pa.....
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I don't know what the actual law in Washington State is anymore, but I do know when I was a kid and got my first truck GVW stickers were a big deal, and all the auto parts stores stocked them, and most pick up trucks had them, now, you never see them anymore, and I haven't bought them for my last few trucks.....
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No tag on the trailer? expect to get pulled over and questioned, if you had the tag on he probably would not have bothered you.
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