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Originally Posted by thefermanator View Post
I believe you mean 12 quarts. Even some of the medium duty diesels don't hold that much oil. Many list the 7.3L as 16 quarts since the HPOP reservoir holds a good quart or so of oil and it should be changed out every couple of oil changes(although none seem to do it until the injectors or HPOP fail). And yes 7.3L's are HARD on oil due to the HPOP popping the injectors with 3,000 PSI of oil pressure.
My LBZ Duramax takes 9-10 quarts. It is the easiest oil change I have ever done. The filter is really easy get to.
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I do my own on my vehicles. I use NAPA Fleet Diesel 15-40 made by Valvoline. I'm betting its pretty similar to the Valvoline Blue which is really good oil. I use a WIX Gold filter from NAPA as well. 3 gallons and a filter is less than $40 and it takes me about 20 minutes. I also changed the oil in both of my differentials and it was really easy. I run my oil 5k in my Cummins and 5k on the synthetic on my wifes Suburban.
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Originally Posted by mdfoster View Post
My LBZ Duramax takes 9-10 quarts. It is the easiest oil change I have ever done. The filter is really easy get to.
2500/3500 trucks are 10 quarts, and I believe the MD'd are 12. I know mine in my BURB holds 9 1/2 quarts, but my pan is modified to fit in there.
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Originally Posted by mdfoster View Post
My LBZ Duramax takes 9-10 quarts. It is the easiest oil change I have ever done. The filter is really easy get to.
Have the same. Amsoil or Mobil 1 every time.
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Default Oil change

I have a Dodge Cummins 2001 with about 140, + miles on it. So... check your owners manual for oil change intervals. More highway driving longer change interval. As for type of oil to use I would suggest a oil made generally for diesel engines (15w40 some company). The oil has certain shoot control additives and other such stuff designed for diesel engines. Filters... There are only two possibly four companies that make oil filters for the big auto parts chains. Wix makes filters for lots of people. I use NAPA brand which is probably made by Wix. I also use Amsoil 15W40 synthetic. I drive approx 30 miles one way to work each day so my change interval are longer as with the synthetic oil. Bottom line... If you change your trucks fluids regularly as needed your running gear will most likely out last the body of the truck. One last thing. The school district where I work (6yrs +) uses Amsoil in all busses and trucks (diesel or gas) and I have not seen any engine failure due to oil. Work changes the oil in all busses and trucks (gas or diesel) at 25t miles as per Amsoil with oil testing done on a periodic bases.
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To anyone running a cummins powered truck, go with fleetguard filters, they are the best IMO.
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I have always had problems with oil changes. You don't get a quality job because they try to get it done asap. They rush through everything. My oil level was about a qt above the full mark where I believe that they were so rushed that they didn't drain all the oil out the pan. Other problems were they lost my dipstick once and mixed up my antifreeze with powersteering fluid along with other resivoirs. I do everything myself and even if it doesn't save too much money, i know that i am getting a quality job and won't have to worry about mixed fluids. Shell Rotella oil in my opinion is the best way to go.
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A 7.3 takes 15 quarts. I use Motorcraft oil and filters. I have tried Rotella and my truck burns it for some reason. No other brand gives me any issues but I prefer Motorcraft. My truck has 240k miles on it. Never an issue whatsoever.

Here is a link to the PSD maintenance schedule:
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