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Default Ford F150 A/C blower motor repair

This may save you F150 owners some money. I was experiencing intermittent problems with the blower motor on my 2001 F150. Sometimes it would work fine, other times it would only work on high and then other times I would have to tap it to get it to come on.

If the problem is that the motor will only run on high then it is the blower motor resistor. These are designed to allow for high speed operation only, when they fail.

The resistor costs about $35 and is located behind the glove box up underneath. It attaches with two 8mm screws and can be changed out in about 10 minutes.

My problem was both the resistor and motor were bad. The motor is also located behind the glove box up underneath. Mine was held in with 4 - 8mm screws that were a bit difficult to get at. Not impossible. Use a 1/4'' socket and extesion and you will be fine.

The motor needs a bit of persuasion to remove it from the housing but it will come out. There is a circle clip holding the squirrel cage onto the shaft. Remove the clip and tap on the end of the motor shaft.

Put the squirrel cage onto the new motor re-install and you are good to go.

The local mechanic wanted almost $500 to do this job, the dealer was actually cheaper at around $400. The motor was $135.

Pretty common issue with these so I thought I would post my expereince.

Hope it helps somebody.

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there is actually a blower motor relay that controls hi speed. the relay provides 12v directly to blower on hi speed. everything else is correct
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Originally Posted by hybrid View Post
there is actually a blower motor relay that controls hi speed. the relay provides 12v directly to blower on hi speed. everything else is correct
Here's what I think I know about the problem. Yes, there is a relay that feeds the blower circuit and that relay is found next to the flasher relay under the dash. But there is also a blower resistor (Part number 4L3Z 19A706-AA) used on 1997 through 2004 F-150's that controls the low speed operation. There seem to be two other things to look at if just replacing the resistor does not fix the problem: The switch itself may be bad, but it is usually a problem with the switch connector contacts. You can buy a replacement pigtail to repair the harness.

The resistors are placed in the air flow so they are cooled during blower operation. If the blower does not run because the blower motor is bad or disconnected, the resistor usually overheats and fails. GM vehicles use a similar system, but many use a printed circuit type resistor rather than a wire coil. I replaced one of those yesterday in a car where it looked like a box of tissues was placed on the floor near the recirculating inlet and the fan sucked a couple into the system. The tissues plastered themselves to the inside of the squirrel cage and blocked enough air flow to burn out the resistor. Note to wives: No Kleenex boxes near the A/C suitcase.
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