Best Boat Trailer Tires?

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Default Best Boat Trailer Tires?

I need to replace tires on my Continental 10,000lb twin axle trailer... looking for a little help on what is best boat trailer tire on the market today. I currently have Goodyear Marathon Radial ST 235/80 R16 Load Range D. I have had good luck with these tires and trying to get input from others that trailer boats alot... their thoughts and success stories on tires they currently have on the boat trailer.
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Good post, stingwray, because I'm in the market for new tires, too. One website said that Carlisle is the only tire still made in America, but can't confirm whether that's true or not...nor is it relevant to wear characteristics.

I'd like to know whether one load range D tire is any different than any other D tire; or is tire pressure the primary factor in how they hold up?
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After going through two sets of Carlisles on my double axle trailer, I bought a set of Maxxis radials. A lot of RV's have been going to Maxxis because of problems with Carlisles , Goodyears and a host of Chinese tires.

I've go 10,000 miles on my Maxxis, they have held up well.
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I don't know the best tire in that particular size, but if you check at you'll find that they list the Goodyear Marathon Radial ST 235/80 R16 Load Range D tire as made in the USA, as are several other sizes of Marathons. I wouldn't buy a Chinese-made Marathon but would not hesitate with USA, Canada or New Zealand-made.
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I just replaced my seven yr old Marathons with a new set..ST 215 75 R14..outline white letters...

MADE IN THE USA... and dealers are everywhere.

My local tire guy got me a good price on a set of four ($390 installed) and I haven't looked back.
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I had bad experiences with Carlsile and Marathons. The Carlisles wore unevenly and quickly and the Marathons were dry rotten.
Best tire I had was Denman.
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We had a bad experience with the Goodyear tires on a road trip to and from Florida. Tires only had about 2000 miles on them. Stopped at a Goodyear store in Georgia after the 2nd tire seperation and the store owner said he did not carry Goodyear trailer tires for the reason I had stopped in. He installed a new set of 4 Tow Master tires and this was 3 years ago and they still look very good. Rides well and no signs of premature wear. This dealer said he had used Tow Masters for a long time and had never had any issues.
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My tire guy talked me into Carlisles over a set of Chinese made Marathons....I had run the Marathons for years and never had a problem. The Carlisles are a year old now, and so far so good.
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I have the Denmans which replaced the Carliles. No issues with "funky wear" since the change.

Got it done at Tire Kingdom.
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Carlisles are lousy.......

The pictures show the tread separation I had with a set of Carlisles that were just 2 yo and had about 5K on them. They were OEM on a trailer I had ordered for my PL 251.

I am running Denmans now.
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Trailer tire issue is certainly a frustrating one. So many negative experiences out there. I've researched extensively and finally today ordered a set of Transmasters (Towmaster radials) but am having second thoughts about switching my order to Maxxis.
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Tow 350 miles round trip, each trip. Been doing that for 20+ years with several different boats. Had Marathons on my old Mako 21. Nothing but problems. Tread seperations, blow outs (probably due to seperations)etc. Had Marathons on the Contender when I got it. After replacing about 10 of them with the same problems as I was having with the Mako, I replaced them all with Loadmasters. Have had much better luck with these although they haven't been absolutely trouble free either. Evidently I got a bad batch and 3 of them developed seperations within a few months of each other. Took them back to the local distributer for warranty replacement and the warranty guy couldn't believe I had one go bad- much less 3. He replaced them, but said in all his years warranting tires, he had never seen anything like that with the Loadmasters. We'll see.

Had Carlisles on my FlatsCat. Not impressed. Also replaced some of the Marathons over the years with Carlisles when I needed a tire bad and couldn't get anything else. In my experience, they are worse than the Marathons.
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All ST tires (trailer service only) are lousy. I had multiple blowouts on my Airstream trailer with ST tires made by various manufacturers.
Since you have 16 inch wheels go with E rated LT (light truck) tires. End of tire problems.
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Originally Posted by Mersiles View Post
I have the Denmans which replaced the Carliles. No issues with "funky wear" since the change.

Got it done at Tire Kingdom.
I have had Denman tires on my rig for 2 years now. They have been the best by far.
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having good luck with Towmaster radials. they are 5 yrs old. i tow back and forth to the Keys. they have no dry rot or unusual wear and provide a smooth ride for easy towing. not sure of the country of manufacture.

had two sets of chinese goodyear marathons previously. you could not pay me to use those tire again.

edit: never mind. after some research it appears that Towmaster tire production has been sent to China since i bought my current set. advice is any tire but a Chinese tire.

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Had too many problems with Carlisles - tread separations and blowouts mostly. My son had Carlisle tread separations while his trailer was in storage. Had a three axle trailer experience, 5 of the tires separating within 30 miles on the hiway. We always double check air pressure, etc - but Carlisles will let you down, guaranteed!

Have since gone to Maxxis load range C on boat trailers and load range E on travel and hauling trailers - no more tire problems. We have recommended Maxxis to several friends who had Carlisle troubles and they too say their tire troubles are no more.

Haven't found a dissatisfied customer of Maxxis.
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Have had good luck with Load Master so far.... Knocking wood as I type...
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Originally Posted by Cracker View Post
I have had Denman tires on my rig for 2 years now. They have been the best by far.

Denmans did not replace carsiles. Two different animals.
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