2020 F250 6.2 "tow/haul"???

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Default 2020 F250 6.2 "tow/haul"???

Ok I'm a month into my new "farm truck". (2020 F250, CC, 4x4, long bed, 3.73/6spd, 245 "small tires") and I've put about 2400 miles on the truck. Over About 1500 of that 2400 has been with my 24' BlueWave/300Yam on the back. (Loaded and rolling, call that load somewhere between 5500-5800ish?) Obviously that's no load whatsoever on the SuperDuty. The previous 4yrs I towed my bayboat with my 2016 Silverado (CC, 4x4, 5.3/6spd, 3.42s) and when towing with that truck I certainly engaged the "Tow/haul" mode and in fact even towed in "M5" to lock out the 6th/final OD gear since the truck wouldn't pull that boat in that gear, eliminated most "gear hunting/downshifting". I suppose (noticed) when towing with my SuperDuty and the T/H on, that the truck isn't the least bit concerned or bothered by the boat but some of the longer hills I go/coast down, the truck wants to downshift and use compression braking to keep the truck speed constant. I know that's perhaps desirable when towing big loads through serious grades/mtns but I think it's just extra wear/tear on the powertrain for something that really isn't needed???

The brakes on the truck certainly are huge and the dual discs on the trailer are more than capable of handling any "surprise/panic situations". Do I really need to engage the T/H mode when towing less than half the trucks rated capacity? I rarely used the T/H modes on my previous 1/2Ts when towing less than say 3Kish. I'm kinda wondering if the same basic situation might be warranted with this SuperDuty?

The majority of towing done with the SuperDuty will be <6k but there will also be times I do have to pull some of my farm implements (less than 30-40miles in most instances) a few times a year and those loads will be 12K-14K so obviously I'd want every "tow aid" available.

What say da THT braintrust?
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Let the tow haul mode do it’s thing. Changing brakes sucks.
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I agree, they put the button there for a reason. Not only for brakes, but changes shifting points and firmness as well.

My manual (GM) says greater than 50% or hilly terrain use tow / haul
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Mash the button, it’s there for a reason.
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The Tow Haul mode is much better on the truck than pumping the brakes with heavy loads. 3/4 ton truck brake parts really last a long time if you don't use them braking heavy loads and/or coming down steep inclines braking.

I've got a F250 without the T/H mode.
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Tow/Haul raises the line pressure in the transmission. Super important.
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Originally Posted by cajflynn View Post
Tow/Haul raises the line pressure in the transmission. Super important.
X2 this. The trans raises the pressure to get the shift done in a target time (say half second clutch speeds match). If you tow without it the trans could see shift taking longer and adapt to it (raise adapts to shift harder) so some extra wear would occur while that happening. Next when you drive without towing the shift could be a little firm....
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I have basically the same truck although 2016 and a similar boat, Everglades 243. While the truck has no issues towing without the T/H mode on it makes a massive difference in how the truck starts and stops. I have a long raised bridge (70') and in T/H mode it will hold my speed constant on the descent side and downshift when applying brakes.

I say use it.

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ALL valid points, I knew the "THT Braintrust" would answer my questions!

T/H on while towing "light" it is. Thanks gents!
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What does the owners manual say? I'm not trying to be a smartass, which is unusual.

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