Carpet less suburban

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Carpet dampens road noise significantly. I prefer a rubber/vinyl floor.
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what kinda vermin are talking about down there that you would have to destroy a beautiful vehicle like that.
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Will any of the chemicals used in all that coating/lining gas and create fumes when enclosed in a hot auto?

Carpet wise, yes I HATE carpet and see NO use for it, ESPECIALLY in a vehicle like a truck (they are built for work) and SUVs (they are built for hauling people, pets, crap and travel).

I used to insist on rubber floors in my vehicles but obviously that got harder and harder to get after about the mid-90s. I was tickled to find my 2016 Silverado CC 4x4 on the dealers lot with rubber floors. And last month I gotta 2020 F250 XL CC 4x4 with all the buttons and keyless "necessities" but it still has rubber floors and vinyl seats! We used to call them "hose out" interiors. Wouldn't try that today with all the "computerized crapertry" housed in the cabin of most vehicles, but I sure do enjoy not needing floor mats nor worrying about mud and dirt in the floors of a TRUCK!!!

The EXACT SAME reasons why our bay/CCs/fishn boats have gelcoat floors is the exact same reason why trucks/suvs should have rubber floors!!!
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So far worst chemical is the 3m adhesive, very little fumes. When I lined the interior of my Jeep, fumes were noticeable for first week. These darn bugs were everywhere no matter how much steam or pesticide. You wouldn't believe how much crap accumulates beneath the carpet and noise blocking stuff beneath it with three small kids and 2 dogs despite the form fitted liners and all
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This thread is pretty awesome. Bug infestation in a car causing you to rip out the interior? That’s a new one.

You say S. LA. Thibodaux by chance?
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We occasionally find vehicles on our lot that are infested with ants or other insects. What we do is take them to the body shop and have them bake the car in the paint drying oven/booth for several hours. No fumes, no pesticides, no nothing. Just cook em for a while and it works really well.
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Originally Posted by Gtochris View Post
I believe Ford is offering a carpet-delete option an many of the trim levels.

What about finding the order code for the vinyl floor GM makes for the Suburban? They still build it for fleets special order that way so I'm sure GM can order the foam padding/ vinyl floor and it would look original.
I ordered a 2018 F-450 Crew cab Platinum for a friend, just about every option and carpet delete! Rubber floors in an $80,000 truck, I wasn’t even sure Ford offered it, but he’s driving!
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We are in New Orleans, I like the idea of baking her in the booth. You wouldn't believe the crap that settles beneath the carpet and sound deadening pads they use from the factory though.

I sealed the pad edges and joints with a waterproof caulk/adhesive made for outdoors and that has been the only thing that generated any fumes. I went with the dupicolor bedliner kit I found at advance auto parts. Surprisingly no noxious fumes with this kit. One gallon got me 2 coats with maybe a quart left-will likely reapply to heavy traffic areas for a third coat. I have started getting the trim and seats back in.

In hindsight, I would have taken pictures of what the trim actually covered when it was in to better fit the mats so they would overlap beneath it. I feel the mats add good abrasion resistance and additional sound deadening but probably wouldn't be necessary.

The recent weather changes here really delayed the curing of the bed liner stuff. I ended up turning on the heat and AC and using a blower to circulate air within the closed car.

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Weather tech mats and seats back in. I should have baked it in a paint booth.

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Man, it would have been cheaper to take a roadtrip up to northern Montana or Canada for about a week.

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