Would you buy a truck with a tune?

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Default Would you buy a truck with a tune?

I came across a decent deal on 2017 Ram 2500 Cummins. However the truck has a tune (Calibrated power). I wanted a bone stock truck for longevity and reliability. Would you buy a truck with a tune? My thoughts are trucks with tunes are driven harder and I fear the tune itself shortens longevity.
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Personally, no. Unless I knew the original owner.

my uncle buys a new one every 2-3 years. Mild tune and delete as soon as it gets home. He drives like a grandpa. His, I would. His same truck from an unknown source, not a chance.
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I would and have buddies that prefer them that way. I anticipate mine being tuned when my warranty expires this spring. Is there a warranty on the vehicle le or is it private party?
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I’m mostly with autobaun on this one. I’d prefer to know the history of the truck. That being said if it looks the part(no rubber inside the rear wheel wells, undercarriage clean, under hood clean etc) it might be worth the risk. Maybe have someone that knows deletes and tuning to look it over first. All used trucks are a risk especially HD trucks for many reasons, tuned trucks are even more of a gamble.
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Not a chance. Next!
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If I knew the history of the truck and I knew it was a quality tune with quality delete parts. I would have no problem. Ebay parts and a no name shop tune and I'll pass

Could end up being quite a bit cheaper having it all already done, or more expensive when the head gasket goes.
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Having a tune wouldn’t bother me, but I would have my own mechanic do an inspection to get his opinion on the motor.

Here’s the thing about tunes. I bought new and owned a 2010 Dodge Cummins for 10 years. I deleted the EGR and put a tune on it after 5,000 miles. The tune was necessary after the delete, and I kept the tune at its mildest setting. The engine ran great and my MPG drastically improved. I put over 100,000 trouble free miles on that truck.

There is a potential that someone who tuned a diesel drove it like a bat out of hell, but I think that’s unlikely and pretty rare. In the diesel community I’ve been a part of, everyone tunes for better MPG and better longevity of the engine via deleting the EGR, not for drag racing power.

One thing to note which is specific to the Cummins is that Cummins the company warranties the block of the motor for a long time (10 years I think). A tune voids that immediately.
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Maybe. My 2018 Gmc is such a piece of shit, that I had to put a tune on it, to try and get to shift properly.
I don't race it and it would be a great truck for someone else!
Btw- I have the original tune files that I can revert to if I need to.

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Around here a tuned truck without EGR and DPF is a plus.
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Mild tune ok most guys do it to try and up the milage.there not hard to sell.
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Depends on the tune if its just a chip maybe yes but if the whole emission system was disabled No Way. I'm not sure about cars and pickups but in the class 8 market, HD trucks, its illegal and dealerships won't take them in on trade if they know. Some dealerships are now running computers scans prior to accepting a trade to make sure they are emission compliant. So as always buyer beware
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Tuned being sold by a dealer, not sure if I’d be interested

Tuned being sold by the owner (where I can get a feel for him/her and whether this was their hot rod or just their truck) I would entertain it.

Tuned with any form of louder exhaust I would probably pass. The stock(ish) diesels around me seem to just be driving around. The ones with louder exhausts (and most likely tuned) are almost always being driven like a 16 year old is behind the wheel.
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I always tune my trucks (diesel or gas) and I always remove the tune before selling.
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Yes - I love a diesel with a towing tune.
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A deleted diesel will last longer than non deleted. Once deleted, most require a programmer to run. It would depend on the vibe I got from previous owner. Dealership I’d pass.
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Depends on other mods done. If its lifted, big tires/rims, etc id probably pass. If the only thing done is a mild tune/delete, wouldnt bother me
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