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Tomtep 07-29-2020 10:54 AM

Stupid Winch Strap Question
I am putting a new strap on my winch. It there a preferred method of having the strap come off the top or bottom of the drum, or should it be whichever allows for a straighter pull. I never even considered this before, but sitting at work sometimes the strangest things pop into your mind.

FL Bill 07-29-2020 11:35 AM


Pez Vela 07-29-2020 01:52 PM

Visualize guiding the strap straight onto the roll with your free hand, or having to dig out a twisted strap that has wedged itself down into to gap along the side of the drum. You want to be able to see what you're doing while standing next to the winch. Normally, winding the strap onto the top of the drum will facilitate your work. If you're less than 4' tall, I'd wind the strap on the bottom.

FL Bill 07-29-2020 03:19 PM

Also keep in mind the strap goes under the bow stop, so having it on top will mean less room for it to move while under way on the road.

Fishinado 07-30-2020 06:04 PM

It depends entirely upon how your boat and it’s bow-eye sit in relationship to each other with your boat fully loaded onto the trailer. You want the strap to be neither higher nor lower than the bow eye... in other words... as level with that bow eye as possible. I have a V-hull in which the strap comes over the winch... and a pontoon in which it comes under the winch. There is no generically-correct answer so ignore those which categorically tell you “over” or “under”.
Look at YOUR boat on YOUR trailer and keep it as level as possible when loaded and snug.

horsepen40 08-01-2020 10:53 AM

And if you must vary, opt to have the strap pulling slightly on an up angle to the winch. You should not be depending on the winch strap to hold the boat down on the trailer. You should have an other way of doing that..

Dacman 08-01-2020 12:13 PM

Post a picture of your bow stand strap arrangement.

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