How many THTers will this offend?

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Default How many THTers will this offend?

Just saw this on Facebook and had to post it here lol
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that sounds like every post on here!!! Forget the RAV4- I need a semi to pull my 10k boat.
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So how many are gettin' a semi thinkin' this over?
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Originally Posted by Jus Teasin View Post
So how many are gettin' a semi thinkin' this over?

Won't offend me at all. I got mine. Which one you guys want. If you want the dark on backwards on the tractor it cost 25 dollar more. LOL
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What the bigger trucks do guys is make your trailering more stable.
if your truck in the front is to light hauling heavy is going to be a pain in the ass.

Most of the time I'm sure folks look at me and wondering what in gods name did that guy buy a 3500 dulley for. Ego guy. Thats on the boat. 16 foot pan fish boat. 24 foot pontoon, What they don't see if the 32 foot tag race trailer. Hook to that with a 1500. NOT. Can you pull it. O hell ya. Can you pull it safely. O hell no. LOL

From a 24 foot up you get into the larger boats. heavier ones and being able to stop them if anything happens. Everyone says dress for the slide on a motor cycle. I wear shorts and sneekers. But i'm so gears and use to seeing everything before it happens with the OTR I have driven. I pay a lot more attention and can see things unfolding before they become reality. I also ride further back if not in the back of the pack unless someone is lagging then I'll pass them and take their spot. LOL I'll tighten your ass up if your day dreaming. LOL
Do you need sex every night to live? LMAO NO but it would be nice. Do you need that extra weight of a dulley when pulling. Would be nice. Seem my point.
If your a ego booster and just got to see how heavey or long you can pull with your Honda Ridgerunner , Pay attention. Thats 90 Percent of driving and hauling something that is to much to begin with being your truck. You have to change your driving habits from normal driving to SAFE ATTENTION MODE> Do most know how to do that. HELL NO. Thats where you run into issues.

Number two. Slow down !!! You dont have to run 70 mph in a 70 mph zone. Even with the 3500 I usually keep it locked on 62 coming out the 55 mph zone. Truck likes it there, I'm comfortable . I stay my ass in that right lane but thats what its for.

So do you need a 4500 to pull a 16 foot pan fish boat. LOL NO. But you have to learn a whole different way to driving and paying attention to pull heavy with a light truck. Biggest problem is, you can get use to towing the heavier weight quickly. Till that emergency arrises, you won't need to know what the hell to do when it does.
When you learn to drive defence all the time, you won't get yourself into those issues. 5 million miles OTR. One accident that was charged to me and my fault. I was 21 years old. I'm 63 now. Theres a reason.
Get your hand off mamas leg. leave those cigs alone and start learning how to drive defence. its a totally different way then 90 percent of you are use to but know what. It works.
PS. Trucker approved to.

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