Surfix bunk slides

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Default Surfix bunk slides

I am struggling with my 24' bay boat to get it on the trailer consistently. Generally those last two feet to the roller are a struggle. If all is perfect (tides, ramp, etc.) no issues but that seems to be a rare combination. Powering the boat up takes more juice than I think it should. So.. I purchased some Surfix bunk slides. I tried silicone and liquid rollers.These work for a while then fade. Not my thing. The Surfix slides are on the way. I am wondering if anyone who has installed them has had issues with them being too slippery when loading. and having the boat slipping back from the roller after driving the boat up. My boat requires getting down to the trailer to latch the winch strap. I'm not real keen on leaving the motor pushing while I jump off to hook up. I understand the whole deal about don't disconnect the boat unless over water and etc. but I am wondering if these slides are perhaps too much of a good thing and maybe I should just cover two of the four bunks so there is a bit of stiction from the carpeted surfaces to keep the boat in place. TIA.
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They are a lot slicker than carpet. I would put them on a few bunks at first and see how it works. May have to adjust the other bunks as the surfix will make the bunk thicker than just the carpet. Just make sure to go the entire length of the bunk so you dont create uneven pressure.

Regardless of trailer type I would never unhook until your boats far enough in the water that if it comes off wont damage anything
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I installed Surfix slicks a number of years-ago. My boat weighs 6500-ish pounds. I have 4 bunks, each 10-ft long, by 4" wide.

For me, they work great. I'd never had the boat slip back down the trailer when loading, until just a couple weeks ago. I think it was because the bunks were DRY. When they're wet the boat "sticks" just-enough to hold it in-place. I noticed this previously when I was doing some prop testing. Rather than risk changing props with the boat in the water, I pulled her out, switched the props, and re-launched. The boat felt "stuck" to the trailer, and I had to back deeper and "brake-check" to get her to pop-free.

I don't know if it's due to my bottom paint, but they're definitely super-slick when dry, a little stickier when wet.
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Your boat will be gone in a heartbeat if you take the winch strap off before it's in the water
Loading will require you to leave it in forward until it's strapped or it will slide back
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I have had them for years. I like them a lot. Do not un-hook your winch strap until your boat is in the water. Do not try pulling your boat out without the winch strap hooked up. If you can remember this, you will not have a problem.
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I have them on my flat bottom skiff trailer we launch in LA marsh where it is shallow and sometimes the bunks barely go in the water. The boat slides off and on with no issues. But if I go to a steep ramp and unhook the winch strap without the motor pushing forward the boat will slide off before I can unhook it. After one time of this you will learn. I love my slicks and would do them again.

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