First long trailer pull

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Originally Posted by skillet64 View Post

Put an old towel in your transom well and a pair of gloves with grease gun. Give' em a shot every time you refuel.
Way overkill and a chance you'll blow out a seal. If you're needing grease that often, you have a bad seal and should see the residue all over the tire and fender. Once a year greasing should be adequate.
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I do 500 mile trips 3-4 times a year. Not just the trailer needs attention, it’s also your truck. Tires at max PSI on both truck and trailer, and check your truck spare is inflated to max too. My Tahoe’s was at 15psi after 10 years and was fine without a trailer to limp home when I got a flat without the boat, not fine if I was on I95 with the boat. Also make sure the spare has not rusted itself to the frame of the truck, mine took a massive amount of beating and kicking to break it free. Truck brakes need to have plenty of meat, fluids topped off and reasonably fresh. I run more water than coolant, about 70% water 30% coolant since I’m in VA, if I lived somewhere like Florida I’d run 90% distilled water. Fix any codes thrown on the truck, clean air filter, lights all checked, flashlight handy, AAA membership up to date, and a couple random pre-planned shops or friend houses along the way no greater than 150 miles apart with the AAA 100 mile free towing. Don’t forget car phone chargers. I try not to bring too much crap that if you HAD to abandon the boat on the side of the highway (snapped axle, unfixable something) that you can fit the valuables into the truck while you run for spare parts or to drop the family at a hotel.
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Originally Posted by SmittysHaulin View Post
Sounds like you will be ready for the road... I saw you mentioned new tiedown traps, I personally recommend getting some 2in ratchet straps instead of the standard boat tie down straps, you will be able to secure your boat to the trailer better and it will be a safer ride overall.... Something else I would suggest is using 1 strap from the bow eye pulling straight down or at least in a downward direction to take the bounce out of the bow... I also use an additional strap thru the bow eye pulling back towards the rear of the trailer, this keep the pressure off of your front post in case of a heavy breaking incident...

As far as straps go, I would suggest getting some with the flat snap hooks, I am not sure if you have an aluminum trailer or not but the flat J hooks work great for I beam and C channel trailers but the snap hooks can work as well... I attached some pics of what they look like...

You don't have to do it the way I mention but after many years of boat transport this is the way that I have found to best secure the load and have safe handling...

As others have mentioned, at every stop feel the tires and hubs to make certain there is no excessive heat from either... I carry 2 spares, several blocks of wood to lift an axle off the ground, a jack in case I have more than 1 tire blow on the same side, I carry an electric 1/2 impact wrench along with a breaker bar, a general assortment of tools etc... Prepare for the worse and hope for the best...

Oh, as far as your boat is concerned I prefer motors down at least up against the trim cylinders or a block of wood in between to provide support, I prefer not to have the added stress on the transom with motors up and bouncing... Make sure all of your electronics covers are stowed or taped in place (I prefer stowed), remove any canvass or isenglass/ acrylic enclosures (they don't hold up well at highway speeds), assume anything not screwed down or strapped down can and usually will find a way to blow out during transport...

Good luck, safe haulin' if you have any routing questions anywhere in the country feel free to call, text, PM or email me and I will offer my advice (not sure where you are headed or or what boat you are hauling)....

Thanks, Just got the straps setup like you said :-)
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Originally Posted by Jstarion View Post
I will be making my first long trailer pull (500mi) and was wondering if anyone had any advice as I feel I'm bound to be forgetting something ?

I have already replaced all 4 hubs, Tires and updated the breaks on my trailer + gotten all new tie-down straps.
At this point it sounds like you've got everything prepared as well as you can, the only other thing you'll want is to keep this number in your contacts if your'e trailering around south Florida. I know he makes his way out to the west coast as well.

Sean will drive to you with whatever parts you need and provide emergency roadside assistance. Bailed me out on the side of the turnpike coming back from a keys trip after losing a hub and not having a spare for it. On a Saturday.

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Originally Posted by Jstarion View Post
Thanks, Just got the straps setup like you said :-)

You will like the way it rides when strapped like this...

Safe travels and safe boating!!!

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