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Default Elec over hydraulic

Whats everyones take on electric over hydraulic vs surge for a new boat trailer for a 9k boat? Any opinions would be appreciated.
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Yes electric over hydraulic is the way to go. Hands down.
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Absolutely. I changed out the surge to Elec/Hyd on mine. Boat is roughly 9500 lbs. Huge improvement. Puts 1600psi of line pressure to the brakes.
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EoH is much better than surge.
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Definite must IMHO.
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EOH by Dexter works very well. Simple and reliable.
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night and day over surge
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Wouldn't tow a boat that size without electric over hydraulic brakes. So much better than surge.
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Scary as %$@# backing down a ramp with surge brakes and heavy boat
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It's awesome
needs a seperate battery for the emergency disconnect brakes
Dont criss cross the wires when reinstalling battery in the spring, it will fry the electronics..🙄

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