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Default Bumping Threads - no more than once per week

In fairness to everyone, we have had to impose a new rule on bumping, because while everyone would like to have their ad the top of the first page, it is not fair to other members. We also have had people bumping several ads at a time.

So: Henceforth, the rule is that you may not bump a thread/ad more than once per week (ie. 7 days) between the date of the last post (your's or other's posts). Bumping includes moving the thread to the top by statements such as "all orders shipped, PM sent, bump, TTT, thank you, or other bump-like posts, etc." Having friends post in your ad for the puspose of moving the ad to the top will also not be tolerated, and will be considered the same as bumps.

Continual bumping, or bump-like posts will result in your ad being pulled/removed from public view for a day or 2, or more, depending on the number of bumps, bump-like posts, etc.
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