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Centrifugal pump working principle


Centrifugal pump working principle

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Default Centrifugal pump working principle

Today, the centrifugal pump manufacturer Jian'an small edition briefly describes the working principle of centrifugal pump for you. Before starting, the liquid shall be poured into the pump body and suction pipe from the type pipe. When the impeller rotates very fast, the liquid in the impeller also follows the rotation under the promotion of the blade in the impeller, so that the liquid gets the centripetal force, and moves outward from the impeller management center along the blade passage, and then is thrown out from the beam end of the blade into the worm chamber or outer diffusion tube (or guide wheel) in the pump body. When the liquid flows into the outer diffusion tube, due to the gradual expansion of the total cross-sectional area of the flowing liquid and the slow reduction of the water flow, part of the mechanical energy is converted into the static energy head, so that the working pressure is increased, and finally it is pressed out from the discharge tube.
In addition, in the impeller management center, part of the vacuum pump is caused by the liquid being thrown out, so the liquid in the suction tank is continuously sucked into the pump from the suction pipe under the effect of the working pressure of the liquid level. The impeller rotates continuously to send the liquid from the suction tank to the high-level tank or high-pressure vessel. Figure 1-13 shows the schematic plan of the centrifugal pump. Figure 1-14 shows the principle of centrifugal pump test by using the water on the umbrella surface thrown out by the rotation of folding umbrella in rainy days.
Centrifugal pump can transport liquid with the help of high-speed impeller to make liquid suffer centripetal force, so it is called centrifugal pump. Fig. 1-15 shows the centrifugal pump equipment. The notes to the pipes on the inlet and outlet pipes of the centrifugal pump have a great effect on all normal practical operation of the pump. The bottom valve of the pump is a product. Its effect is to ensure that the liquid to be filled in the pump before starting is not easy to escape from the suction pipe.
The filter screen can prevent the dirt in the suction tank from entering the pipeline or pump body and causing blockage. When the centrifugal pump is started, if there is no liquid in the pump shell and suction pipe, there is no working capacity for pumping liquid. Because the number of suction population and the discharge inlet are interconnected, when there is no liquid in the impeller and only gas, because the density of air is much smaller than the relative density of liquid, no matter how high-speed the impeller is running, the impeller inlet can not exceed the vacuum value necessary for suction, That is to say, the centripetal force caused is not large, so the bottom pressure generated in the core area of the impeller cannot suck the liquid in the suction tank (storage tank) into the pump, rather than the liquid. This kind of condition is called gas binding condition, as shown in Figure 1-16.
Therefore, before starting the centrifugal pump, the pump shell and suction pipe must be filled with liquid or pumped out gas.

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