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Default Yellowtail Snapper Rod/Reel and Grouper Rod/Reel

Well... I'm a northerner that likes to vacation down in the keys. I've been out fishing numerous times down there and would like to bring my own tackle so I can rent a boat down there and do my own thing.

I'm looking at free-lining and sandballing shrimp to yellowtails and bottom fishing for groupers (pinfish maybe?). I'd be flying so multi-pcs are a relative necessity, and I'm not looking to break the bank (a couple hundred per outfit would work).

Any suggestions? I also tie up custom rods so if there are blank recommendations, I can make that work also!

Thanks Guys,
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Yellowtailing in the Keys is done by many using 12 lb line, pink or clear Andi are great options, with a medium or fast action rod. Fin-Nor 12 lb Ahab reels are ideal for Yellowtailing but many also swear by the Daiwa Gold reels, as well. Seven to eight feet has always worked well for me and I like to use graphite or solid fiberglass blanked rods. I have no experience using "take apart" rods so I can't give an opinion about that. Good luck!
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