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Default The Stern Saver Retrofit: For Boats That Already Have Transom Mount Transducers

The Stern Saver is a great product for new boat owners who are looking for an alternative to drilling holes in their transom below the waterline. It is equally useful for boat owners who already have transom mount transducers mounted directly to the hulls of their boats.

Before the Stern Saver was born, the most widely used method for installing a transducer involved determining the proper location, then drilling two or more holes in the transom, filling the holes with a marine grade silicone sealant, screwing the transducer bracket into those holes and hoping for the best.

Unfortunately, that method compromises the integrity of the hull and puts boat owners at risk of damage to their boats. Silicone sealant, even if it has been applied correctly, only lasts so long before it begins to degrade and separate from the hull material. If a transducer gets bumped, strain on the bracket can stress the screws to move a little and compromise the seal as well. Silicone is also only as effective as how well it was applied. If only small amount makes it into the hole, a weak seal could result and water may be allowed in.

The Stern Saver is the perfect solution for boat owners who already have transducers mounted to their boats, but want to seal up those existing holes and start fresh. Now they can swap transducers in the future, and not have to worry about the hole pattern of the brackets not lining up. The Stern Saver also eliminates expensive gelcoat repairs because it can be re-drilled numerous times. Boats always outlive their electronics, and over time, holes can accumulate resulting in a “Swiss cheese transom.”

The Stern Saver kit is a simple way to start over with a fresh mounting surface for transducers, speed sensors and bait tank pumps.
Here is how it’s done: First, unscrew all the existing transducer mounting screws and remove the bracket. If any water comes out of the holes, stop what you are doing and consult with your local boat repair shop. You do not want to seal up a water-logged transom! A water-logged transom could also mean transom rot as well. It is important to remedy that before you proceed. Once, you have determined that the transom is dry, then use a drill bit that is a slightly larger diameter (by 1/32-1/16”) than the existing holes and bore out the holes with a drill. This will remove the old sealant and expose fresh fiberglass and wood for the resin to bond to. Using the epoxy syringe supplied with the Stern Saver kit, place the tip against the holes and squirt the epoxy into them. To ensure that enough epoxy gets deep into the holes, push it in using a toothpick or a paper clip until the hole appears full of epoxy and void of any air. If the holes are larger than 1/8" in diameter, insert a wood dowel with epoxy on it into the hole so that it's 1/8" below the surface. Then, top the hole off with more epoxy. Once the holes are filled, you can proceed with installing the Stern Saver that same way that you would on a new boat.

By installing the Stern Saver over the existing holes you will seal and conceal existing transducer mounting screw holes and never have to worry about them again.

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