JB HC and mono diameters

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Default JB HC and mono diameters

What is the MINIMUM size mono that will hold when spliced into 200# JB HC? Basically, can I use 100# diamond mono with 200# HC or do I need to go up to 130# mono to be confident the HC will grip the mono well?

Asking b/c I'm planning to spool up some Avet EXW80/2s and would prefer to use 200 HC over 130 HC (cause don't need a mile of line), but would prefer to use 100 mono over 130 for the topshot.

Assuming the 200 HC will hold the 100 mono, I'm thinking 750 yds HC and 300 yds mono topshot...does that sound about right for what the EXW80/2 will hold?
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Specific to the first question: IMHO, you can use 130lb mono in JB 200lb hollow core. Personally, I wouldnt go less. (that is specific to JB brand)

Couple thoughts as there is a lot to unpack in the questions:
- First, in my humble opinion Id put the emphasis, and priority, on your ideal mono lb test size and length and then solve the hollow core compatibility question. Otherwise, it seems you're accommodating the hollow core at the expense of the mono and the preferred setup for your given target species.
-Im not sure a "mile" extra is the case for using 130 vs 200lb hollow core using a 300yd top shot. Also, you get the benefit of the 130lb being his least expensive hollow core. From my perspective, I'd see it as an advantage of having more relative backing?
- Assumption #1: Avet's site says line capacity is 1000yds JB 200lb JB "braid"
- Assumption #2: Using 200lb JB hollow core for backing, my rough calc says you need APPROX. 490yds of the 200lb hollow core backing for a 300yd 125lb mono top shot.
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If I wanted 200 JB backing and 100 mono I'd make the topshot with 100 mono\130JB and then splice the 130 to the 200, a chain is only as strong as the weakest link. I saw a video the other day of a guy putting almost 4000 yards of 130JB on a reel that has can do 200 pounds of drag ??????

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@TexasBlue: nailed the issue...I want to solve around a long-ish topshot (say 250-300 yds) of 100# mono...wasn't worrying about a mile EXTRA though just thought a mile-ish TOTAL is excessive...basically your calcs ~500yds 200# HC plus 300 yds 125# mono means 130#HC plus 100# mono will be quite a bit more total line than that 800 yds...I bet at least 1200 yds total, which is fine but unnecessary. But as you say, no big deal to have extra backing, esp if price not much diff b/c the 130 costs less than the 200.

I guess if I really wanted to have less HC + mono on the reel, I could put cheap dacron backing (to fill some space) under 130# HC under 100# mono. Or, as KenT suggested, put 200# HC under 130# HC under 100# mono. But 3 types of line is prob unnecessarily complicated, so I think I'll just go 130# HC to 100# mono and have more total line spooled than I need...maybe I'll make the topshot extra long so I can keep trimming it back for a while.

Thx both for your thoughts/feedback.

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