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Oxygen system for bait

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Originally Posted by VaporTrail1 View Post
I looked into cooling the water of the bait tank I keep on the dock and had some people help me with the BTU math. If you don’t exchange the water it would work but if it constantly gets fresh water it would take hundreds of pounds of ice per day.
Far easier and much cheaper to catch bait every day than try to stockpiling it overnight..
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Originally Posted by 20biminitwist View Post
This is the answer, maybe toss in a frozen 16oz water bottle on summer days, the end.
It will end up beating them up and there is no economical way to cool the live well. And your not gonna cool much introducing raw water at 1100 GPH.

If it's really hot you just have to learn not to crowd the well as much as in cooler times. Those pilchards that get back in the canals are usually on the bottom. Canal surface waters in some areas get real hot and that is what water your well is picking up.[/QUOTE]
high volume, low pressure.
dont want to the knock the scales and slime off but need enough to flush the byproduct.
45-50 gallons, 2 1100 gph pumps on 1” intakes and strainers when needed to keep it clean.
3/4” intakes restrict 1100 gpm pumps, you need 1” / 1-1/2 Intakes.
make it flow baby!
Reduce the static and the they perform better and last longer, just like your bait,
i use welding oxygen at times, like no pump at all to keep hopefully 100 baits alive in a veterans tournament with basically a 20 Gallon bucket in a pontoon boat with 2 guys In electric chairs or the added zippy do da during a kingfish tournament.
20biminitwist is spot on for the west coast of Florida and whitebait.
it does have its place, but nothing replaces low pressure waterflow at high volume.
keepalive has some amazing intake strainers, they really do work well, some local guys swear by the recirc pump in the warmer water and I have used them without fail,but always a combined effort.
​​​​​​Ain’t nobody got time for that.........
if the bait is beat up,from the feet up before it goes into the well, I’ve not found a solution to revive it ever....

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