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People asking for Rod advice, i dont get it, educate me.

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People asking for Rod advice, i dont get it, educate me.

Old 01-22-2019, 01:36 PM
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Default People asking for Rod advice, i dont get it, educate me.

I am always seeing people talking about what Rod they should buy. Here are my thoughts on this. I have been fishing for 40 years now and i had to go and look up the type of rod that i do most of my inshore and freshwater fishing with. It is a Diawa Laguna. I have 2 of them and they are 29.00 dollars each. Now I have caught hundreds of fish "mostly flounder" on these rods along with schoolie dolphin offshore up to 20 pounds. Why do you need a 150.00 dollar rod to catch fish?

Now i like a good reel. This year i bought my first new reel in years and it was a Lews Custom Inshore. 200.00 dollar baitcaster, probably the most expensive baitcaster i have ever bought, actually it is, i am sure of that. So, the rod bends and the rod guides hold the line in place. What am i missing. What will a 150.00 dollar rod do that my Diawa Laguna's and Berkeley Lightning rods wont do?

These flounder were all caught on my laguna on 4 consecutive trips, proof that they work i guess. What magic will i find with a high dollar rod? I do not mind spending money on my hobbies if i see a benifit.

P.S. It is not near as upsetting snapping a 29.00 dollar rod either.

Laguna hard at work.
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Old 01-22-2019, 01:44 PM
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A lot of people are looking for fish that pull much harder than a flounder or are willing to pay for the sensitivity of high modulus carbon or the light weight of high modulus carbon. I looked extensively for less expensive rods that met my needs and no one made one. Ended up having to buy four custom rods for one ten day trip a year.

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Old 01-22-2019, 01:46 PM
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I dont really think there is one. I use a $40 all star rod from Academy and I've been fishing since I was 4. Reels you do notice a difference in my opinion but on rods, not so much.
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Old 01-22-2019, 02:33 PM
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I'm with you on the good reel vs good rod money

I'll spend money on reels (I fish Accurates, Avets & Internationals)

I go cheaper on rods (mostly Tsunamis)

Offshore, I hesitate to call them cheap because they're well made, I use Pinnacle. Let's call them great bang for your buck
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Old 01-22-2019, 02:47 PM
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I bought a few of the Ugly Stik combo rod and reel kits from Walmart for $39. When my six year old daughter drops one over the side, it's not the end of the world.

Twenty years ago when we lived in Florida I listened to advice from co-workers and bought some expensive rods and reels. I'll never spend the money on another expensive rod and reel after buying the $39 Ugly Sticks from Walmart. Not that the Walmart rods are really great, it's just that the expensive ones aren't worth the extra money given my ability.

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Old 01-22-2019, 02:56 PM
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i used inexpensive rods and my go to was an ugly stik spinning outfit i used for years...last year i treated myself to a quality rod and reel and cannot believe the difference in casting distance, feel and fighting ability...

while shopping for the rod i picked out several in the $90 - $200 range...one of the tackle shop associates hung a weight from the tip of every one of them...the rod i chose was the only one my forearm didnt shake holding up for an extended time and had a wonderful balanced feel even with the weight hanging from the end...ive fought fish long and hard with it and feel little fatigue...it wasnt the most expensive of the bunch but the feel was night and day in comparison...

all around the best money ive ever spent on an inshore rod...
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Old 01-22-2019, 02:59 PM
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Don’t you get it? It’s the rod that catches the best fish. Bait, line and hook have nothing to do with it. With an expensive rod If you skunk out you can divert the conversation to how fine and exceptional your 1,000 dollar rod is.

Spend your money on the bait. The dish could care less what rig you use to entice him..
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Old 01-22-2019, 03:11 PM
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Have to say.I always have liked the Diawa Rods..Alot of bang for the Buck in My opinion. Not saying I don't have some $150.00 Rods also..The lighter Carbon Rods are nicer if You are Jigging for long periods...Easier on the Arms.
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Old 01-22-2019, 03:18 PM
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To me there is a difference. But it’s all about perspective I guess.
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Old 01-22-2019, 03:22 PM
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“Now I have caught hundreds of fish "mostly flounder" on these rods along with schoolie dolphin offshore up to 20 pounds. Why do you need a 150.00 dollar rod to catch fish?”

But the expensive rod look so good next to the Yeti cooler. Lol
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Old 01-22-2019, 03:31 PM
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I like a good quality fishing rod. What I find is that the more expensive the rod the lighter they get but keep the same strength. Same with reels. If you can cut the weight by up to half, it really makes a difference after a day of casting. Not to say you wont catch as many fish on a cheaper setup, but I think you will feel it less with better equipment. Plus I think you get a little more sensitivity out of the better blanks
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Old 01-22-2019, 03:38 PM
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Any rod does the job when the fish you're targeting are considered big at 5 pounds....
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Old 01-22-2019, 03:48 PM
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Ugly sticks with penn reels
i was offered custom rods a few years ago and turned them down (the guy offering them was beside himself, couldn’t understand, floored him). I explained the uglies get messed up no biggie. I then worked one of my employees into the conversation and he ended up with some first rate gear for himself and kids. Win win
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Old 01-22-2019, 04:04 PM
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My two young sons make sure that none of our rods stay around long enough to warrant getting an expensive one. Bought my older son a nice St Croix. Lasted about two weeks before the tip got broken off.

I have a couple nice rod/reels that I use, but if my sons can get a season or two out of the cheaper rods, I’m good with that. Just happy that they’re with me using them!
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Old 01-22-2019, 04:24 PM
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I think i can easily tell the difference between a good under $50 rod and a good over $100 rod. Now the difference between spending $100 or $300 is mostly lost on me; then I got to witness my buddy snap his $300 rod he was stoked about in half - before he even got to use it - I think his reaction is where you could really see the difference in price.
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Old 01-22-2019, 05:23 PM
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Your buddy will be far more impressed with your $200 rod than any fish will. Even my offshore rods aren't anything high priced... Penns and Okayia (Amazon, $69 each). Reels are definitely worth a little more.

All that said, when I was in my early teens I bought what I thought was a nice Shimano spinning combo. Hooked a really nice red drum, and when it was about 10 yards from the jetty the rod snapped in two right at the base. Line snapped and there went my trophy fish. I was so scarred, I have never bought another Shimano product again.
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Old 01-22-2019, 05:38 PM
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This is silly. It’s like getting on a dodge forum and asking why anyone would need a 3500 dually when a dodge Dakota tows their wave runner great.

** not that this is a forum for hardcore marlin fisherman. Just that there are lots of reasons for an expensive rod that don’t apply for all types of fishing, and some people just like having nice stuff
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Old 01-22-2019, 05:42 PM
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Weight is the big thing. It's much more comfortable to fish with lighter weight gear that's just as strong as heavier gear.

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Old 01-22-2019, 05:54 PM
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Like most lures, rods are marketed to people, not fish. Now a good reel will change your life.
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Old 01-22-2019, 06:03 PM
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OP, I suggest you leave your fancy equipment at home and take a hand line wrapped on an empty beer can.
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