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Best marine tackle box/bag?

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Originally Posted by Fatherof4 View Post
I know I'm gonna get murdered for this, but, I did buy a Yeti bucket with the lid and the inner tray thing. Used it for the first time last week down in Marathon. Loved it. Had all my crap in there, kept it all organized. Water proof. Just a suggestion.

That's funny, I just used mine for the first time and love it. I keep weights, sabikis, rubber bands, and the hooks and swivels I use most of the time in the tray on top and all of my trolling rigs, wire rigs, poor man's downrigger, etc. underneath. Pliers, measuring stick, leader and some other things in the tool belt thing that goes around it. It doesn't hold everything I carry but does have all of the stuff I use most of the time. I found it a lot easier to deal with. I still have a bag with the rest of my stuff but I am going to be able to downsize that a little bit and it will actually be more like the pelagic bag above. Just something to carry a few boxes.
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My Calcutta tackle bag finally wore out after many years of hard service. I was about to buy the same one again but then came across the new Yeti Loadout box. It's definitely not the cheapest solution out there but for me it works. It has a removable divider down the center so it holds five Plano boxes perfectly on one side and I keep whatever else I need on the other. Pliers, scissors, etc. go in the storage caddy that fits on one side. The bonus for me, and the real reason I went with this is that I can sit it behind the rocket launcher on my Jupiter and use it as a step to reach the rod holders that are mounted on the back of my T-top. It's quite a bit bigger than a normal, hard tackle box, so it makes a fairly stable platform. I bought a piece of faux teak seadeck knock off on Amazon and cut that to fit the top top make it non-slip. Those rod holders put stuff at the end of my reach and were kind of a hassle, especially during any kind of fish fire drill so having a step back there now is great.
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