Hook sharpening advice

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Default Hook sharpening advice

I am mainly looking to sharpen larger tuna hooks. (8/0 J hooks and about 12/0 circle hooks) Did some searches and here is what I have learned:

--file from point down towards shank
--make points shorter and avoid longer points
--use sharpie to mark sharpened points
--3 or 4 sided points are mainly preference

Anything else? Any special procedure for sharpening stainless steel hooks vs. regular hooks?

Also, what type of file is best?

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Default Re: Hook sharpening advice

Two chain saw files taped together tightly, then run them over the tip to form a "V"
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Default Re: Hook sharpening advice

the cheap 5 dollar steel file is great for hooks. Red or yellow handle and maybe 4 inch file surface.

You don't need to sharpie stainless. The sharpie is for corrosion protection after you take the surface protection off. Or so I think...
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Default RE: Hook sharpening advice

Can't remember who makes it,but the best file I have used is,2 small round files connected togeather with a handle.The best thing about it is anyone on board can touch up a hook and not mess it up.
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Default Re: Hook sharpening advice

DMT Diamond Fishhook Sharpeners

Go to this web site These diamond honing tools are the best. They are worth the $, haven't dulled in the years that I've owned them and have a groove for hooks and a flat surface for blades. We caught a huge striper last week and my friend the heart surgeon did the filets. He was truly impressed with the knife surface, and he knows blades. Hard strikes!!

stamas 31 express 225 yamas

aquasport 22 cc 200 yama - sold

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