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Default P-Line

About six months ago I had 25-lb P-line installed on my trolling rods. With the leftover line I have been using it for leader material for my 8 and 10 lb. spinning setups.

This weekend I was into a school of dolphin and had several peanuts cut throiugh the leader. I'm thinking maybe stick to standard mono for leader material. Has anyone else had this problem? Is P-Line not good to use for leader?

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Default Re: P-Line

No problems here.
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Default Re: P-Line

I use 20# Mason hard nylon for leader materiel.
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Default RE: P-Line

I use the 20 and 30 pound extra strong, and really like it. I can pull up bluefish all summer long on my spinning reels and not need to change lines. I do use long leaders though and I cast to the outsides of the schools.
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Default Re: P-Line

on a 10 day trip two years ago, i borrowed a reel from the chartermaster that was loaded with 40# p-line. i lost the first three fish in a row. i sometimes get a little emotional at the rail. well, after the third fish, i was fit to be tied. i hollered up and demanded to know what kind of stoopid line was on this reel. the answer shot back, "p-line!" i retied the top shot with 40# big game and stuck the next 5 fish in a row before i moved up to heavier stuff.

the next day, some guys were practicing knots with this same spool of p-line. the knots were popping with just a slight tug. this was pointed out to the owner of this particular spool of line. so hey, maybe alan isn't so stupid after all! well, he switched out the 40 pound p-line for some 40# big game, and the chartermaster stuck a 267 pound yellowfin and won the jackpot on the very next hookup.

we all have different experiences with line, good and bad. bottom line here is to check your knots. an overhand knot cuts your line strength in half. so tie an overhand knot in the line and pull with a scale. see how much pull it takes to break the line. hey, that next fish could be a big one! and yes, i will never use p-line again!
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Default Re: P-Line

i like using p line for my main line..then putting fluro for a leader
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Default Re: P-Line

Step up in pound test of your leader material, your too light for those teeth, small but effective. I've used P-line on my spinning and light bait casting stuff for years, and love it for that.
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Default Re: P-Line

saltydog 26 - 4/24/2006 9:27 PM

i like using p line for my main line..then putting fluro for a leader
same here- thanks Superfly
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