planer board opinions

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Default planer board opinions

Lot of local guys and pros swear by these things. I've got out riggers but am thinking of the other way to troll for Rock in the lower Tangier Sound. What do you think? Hard strikes!

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Default Re: planer board opinions

Planers can run a lot more lines than out riggers and get those baits out in "clean" water. You can run them 100-150' off of each side. They also run the lines closer to the water rather than pull the baits from up high. The bad parts are that they require more work than riggers, make the boat less manuverable, and dont like to track well in rough water.

I dont like them unless I am on someone else's boat. The extra work takes a lot of the fun out of it for me.
There is no denying that they produce though..

If you do decide to give them a whirl, practice running with them on a weekday and dont use them when there are a bunch of other boats around.
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Default Re: planer board opinions

Amen to that. Nothing worse than fishing a tight area of rock and having a d5mned charter boat with a 100 foot wide planer spread coming toward you.
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Default Re: planer board opinions

Some days they are the only thing that catches fish I think sometimes the boat spooks the fish directly below but they can be a pain in the a**
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Default Re: planer board opinions

everything you wanted to know about planer boards

oh- and by the way, nice bass today.

tight lines

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