age of penn reel.

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Default age of penn reel.

My dad gave me an old penn 113 this weekend that still has the little lubricating ports in certain areas. any way of telling how old this thing is?
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Default Re: age of penn reel.

One way you can tell on Internationals is the serial number....the first two digits are the year of manufacturing. I don't know if it holds true for the Senator series.

On the Senators the first question I would ask is what color are the side plates. The low speed have been black you may need to desrcibe the handle.

The high speed Senators changed from maroon to red a few years ago....some expert here can tell you exactly when.

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Default Re: age of penn reel.

The older 4/0s will have some very dated lettering style on the sideplates. Should also have a bronze spool. How long has your dad had it?
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Default Re: age of penn reel.

Whatever it is pick up a newell gear set If you want the ultimate pick up an accurate kit for it
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