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Default First Bait Caster

I see that Shimano offers a "100 series" and a "200 series" bait casting reel. I also see gear ratios offered as follows:
5.0:1, 6.2:1, and 7.0:1. I fish the Biloxi Marsh and Breton Sound area for speckled trout and redfish. I typically use 2500-4000 series spinning reels with medium to medium light rods. Can you please advise me what size (100 or 200) reel would be most appropriate? Also, I know what the gear ratios mean, but I don't know which is best for my type of fishing.
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You'll probably be happier with the 200 series. They hold a bit more line, and tend to have better drags, but are a bit heavier. I like faster retrieve reels, so my casters are 6.2:1. The faster retrieve helps keep a spinner bait on top when needed. Spool it with braided line and you'll be set.
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I fish in Miami and frequently go offshore for dopphin or back country for red, snook or tarpon. I exclusively use Calcutta 200 & 250s for the small dolphin and all my backcountry fishing. I have great control of the line with a baitcaster using my thumb as a spool stop, Calcuttas are rock solid, great drag and very easy to care for. They have NEVER let me down!
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Default Re: First Bait Caster

Definitely the 200, you never know when you will run into a bruiser. Its a very small real, I can't imagine how small a 100 even is. I use the calcutta 200 and have landed striped bass up to 20lbs on it with no problem.
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