Rigging ballyhoo with circle hooks

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Default Rigging ballyhoo with circle hooks


I have read a few articles recently that suggest that circle hooks give a better hook up ratio than regular j-hooks and are kinder on the fish for tag and release.

I normally fish for blue marlin/sailfish trolling with dead bait, either ballyhoo or flying fish rigged up in the normal fashion, through the gill and out the belly, in conjunction with a Pakula or similar.

The question I have is how do you rig dead bait with a circle hook. It doesn't sem likely that a circle hook would be able to pass through the gill and out of the belly due to the design of the hook.

Must be plenty of people out there fishing for billfish with circle hooks and dead bait, so come on guys help me out, how is it done?

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Default RE: Rigging ballyhoo with circle hooks

here is a good video.
or do a search on google for "rigging ballyhoo with circle hooks" the first couple that come back are pretty detailed.
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Default Re: Rigging ballyhoo with circle hooks

Attach a short piece of wire to a spro swivel. Push an ice pick through the top of the bally head and out the bottom. Place the wire through this hole and wire through the eye sockets and complete wrapping down the bill area. Place the circle hook through the other side of the spro swivel eye. You may have to pinch the barb on the hook to get through the swivel eye.
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Default Re: Rigging ballyhoo with circle hooks

What about this alternative method

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Default Re: Rigging ballyhoo with circle hooks

I like to just pre-rig a small piece of wire aproximatly 3"" through the eye of the hook. Take the circle hook and push it through the bottom jaw(lip) and then up through the upper jaw and push it up right in front of the eyes. Then press the eye of the hook up against the bill and wrap the wire around the bill and the hook. If you want a swimmer do a split bill and run your leader through the bill and wrap a few wraps in front of the leader and a few in the back. The bend in the hook pointed up will keep the mouth shut. Mark
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