Backing for braid on conventional reel

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Question Backing for braid on conventional reel

About to spool 50w with 120 lb braid. Reel has a little "teat" like thing on the spool for tying the line. With that, should I worry about wrapping the spool with electrical tape or anything like that ?

What knot should I use? Arbor knot?
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I's put some heavy mono on the bottom. Going to be awful pricey to fill a 50w with straight braid.
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Bro if you get down to the "teat" on a 50w I'd be more worried about turning the boat around than the knot you have on there... I'd tie an improved clinch on that.

Back it with plenty of mono, braid ain't cheap and unless you're sword dropping you'll never need it.
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I put 100lb. braid on a 9/0 and backed it with 60lb. mono. The little "teat" is nice, but sometimes it can be a pain getting the line off it if you ever decide to change lines. It's not like it's a big deal, just an annoying little thing.
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