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Splituna 07-23-2014 10:14 AM

Tuna stick 30-80 and VSX 30
So, after reading the replys in my other thread, I think I've come to some sort of decision on the tuna gear.

Penn Tuna Stick 5,6` 30-80 lb
Penn International 30 VSX ( perhaps a 16 depending on type of line)

Is the 30 big enough for all mono? If not, I dont really see any huge advantage over the 16.

There is a huge capacity difference between #50 and #80 mono on a reel. Is #80 really a must or can I go with #50 or #60 on a 30 reel?

We are talking about BFT up to perhaps 175 lb.

Parapapam 07-23-2014 11:40 AM

The Int 30 can cut it on tuna up to 175.... I run 80 braid with a top shot of 80 mono. You can go with less like 50 mono.... but I like the safety margin 80 pound
test gives me. (BTW I run at 25 pounds at strike... so the law of threes says 80 pound)

I haven't use the 16 much so I can't really compare the two.


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