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CaptGeneKelly 07-21-2014 06:24 AM

Montauk Sportfishing Report 7/21/14
The owner of the boat I run was in an accident earlier and I have been on the beach until he got here this week, a little hobbled, but weíre back in action. Seabass season opened this week, so we gave it a shot out around Frisbies and got a limit of fish up to about 3 pounds fairly quickly. Of course at 8 fish per person, it doesnít take much to limit out. I was surprised there were no fluke although I spoke to others who had some short fluke mixed in.

The striped bass fishing has finally gotten back closer to normal. For two weeks, the fishing was unbelievable with all the fish from 20-35 pounds. Now boats are still taking all big fish, but not in unlimited numbers. As good as the fishing is here, itís apparently not the same all over as I hear that bass catching is down just about everywhere else. Itís also lousy for the commercial guys because all the fish are too big for their slot limit, which is why they are getting $6.25/pound. That sounds great except they are having a hard time catching more than a half dozen fish per day.

Offshore mako fishing is pretty good right now with just about anyone who goes catching one or two, mostly what I call the summertime makos around a hundred pounds or so. There are very few bluesharks around, so thereí not a lot of action though.

Iím not getting a lot of info on tuna, except for occasional bluefins out a bit to the east and the first results from the Montauk Canyon Challenge. A few bigeye to 229 pounds and some small yellowfin and longfin top the board right now, but there is a week to go.

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