help with bailing dolphin

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Default help with bailing dolphin

We went out of Hatteras towards to rock pile today trying to find some grass lines but everything was real spread out, so we didn't get many bites. I have heard some about bailing and we tried it today but it did not work out. Any tips on how to do it? Should I have already caught a fish b4 I start or do i just need a large pach of weeds or other structure?
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Troll around the grass patches until you get a bite. When you get that bite, keep an eye out to see if your hooked fish has any others with him.

Bailing really needs a bit if foreplanning. 1 light spinning rod per person, already rigged ( 4/0 snelled directly to the line). I also keep a gallon bucket if Bonita chunks, precut, ready to toss a handful overboard when the time come.

Ok, your trolling and get a bit, he's got 6-8 others with him. Leave the hooked fish hooked, and in the water, maybe 20-30 feet from the rod tip. It's ok, if it works out you might get your limit in one stop. Now toss a small handful of chunks over the side. Now with the fish eating the chunks, bust out the bailer rods and out chunks on them and get them in the water. Just let it sink, no weight, you may have to strip line off the reel to get it to sink. Don't worry about about the rest of the trolling rigs, they will sink down too.

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This style is super effective...we do it all the time here in south florida. Little live baits work better if you can get em!
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