knots for lead core

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Default knots for lead core

Picked up some Suffix lead core today to troll for stripers. I have 50 lb powerpro backing on the reel. I've never used lead core before but was going to use an albright knot to attach the backing and leader. Anyone using something else? Thanks.....
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Slide the outer sheath back a foot or so to expose the core, Break the core off, and slide a foot or so of mono leader up in its place. Tie a half hitch that catches both the mono and Dacron sheath at both ends of your splice to lock them together.

To attach to the braid backing, again slide back the sheath, and break off the core, then uni to uni.
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^^^^ This. On the Great Lakes, it's commonly referred to as the "Willis Knot". Expose leadcore by sliding sheath back, break off leadcore, loosely tie an overhand knot. Slide backing up into hollow sheath, then work knot down over splice and tighten. Put a drop of super glue on the knot to secure it.
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