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Craash420 07-13-2014 10:57 AM

Gifted fishng poles, what do I have?
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My cousin gave me a few fishing poles but I know nothing about ocean fishing, did he give me a present or just clean his storage unit? Three of the reels are Penn 113H Special 4/0 Senators, One is a Penn 65 Long Beach, and the little guy is an Ocean City 922. Are these good for trolling? bottom fishing? is there a difference? Only two of the rods have all the guides, is it worth having the others repaired or would I be better buying new ones? I know I'm a fountain of ignorance here but I just don't know where to start, can someone point me in the right direction and give me a shove?

Carjunkie 07-13-2014 11:15 AM

The Penn 113H units are not bad units at all, good for trolling for Striped Bass in my area. Don't know much about the 65 Long Beach but have heard good things about them. No clue on the 922, never heard of it.

bunger79 07-13-2014 11:36 AM

Overall he cleaned his garage out. That being said send those things to ricks reels sn let him service them and put new drag in them and they will be better than new. The 11's will clean up nice and catch many thing in the ocean! The rods look like they will work, but again from the pic they are garage clean up. Just my 2 cents.

Sneaky Snooker 07-13-2014 12:48 PM

I would have rick clean up the reels. They were well made . The rods are pretty much throw aways IMO

rainmaker 07-13-2014 01:00 PM

Clean them up and use them. Or send them to Rick and let him do it. The 4/0's are workhorses. The Long beach 65 is a decent bottom fishing reel. Back in the day the head boats around Carolina beach used them as their reels mounted on a broom handle rod.
The 922 used to be a level wind reel but someone removed the cross bar and guide. That's why it has those holes in front of the spool. if you do much fishing with it corrosion will be a problem.
Simple green and an old toothbrush will clean them up and then some grease and you'll be in business.

triumphrick 07-13-2014 01:01 PM

Thanks to bunger and snooker for the accolades....

I charge $23 to service most conventional reels, those included. The Ocean city is missing the levelwind mechanism and may not be available.

The 113's are solid reels and would make good bottom reels. Very good drags and built well. The Penn 65 is pretty old school..more of a heavy pier reel than anything else. But still a candidate for cleaning and freshening it up...

Let me know if I can be of some help...

parker23dvsc 07-13-2014 02:05 PM

We used to Cod/Ling fish with the 65, back in the day.

jkmjr 07-13-2014 08:57 PM

Originally Posted by Sneaky Snooker (Post 6899781)
I would have rick clean up the reels. They were well made . The rods are pretty much throw aways IMO

Similar thing happened to me except I was going to be smart and break them down and clean them up myself. The reels I was given were not the same as you have, but after completely effing them up i literally packed the parts in ziplock bags, labeled everything as to which bag went with which reel and sent them to Rick. He runs a great business. After he was through with them I had 4 reels in great condition for a little over $100. I have used them several times since with no issues. Definitely will be sending all my newer stuff to him for maint.

Craash420 08-12-2014 10:52 AM

Well, I had pretty much decided to tuck these into a corner of the garage until I decided if I wanted to add them to the collection or put them on eBay but last weekend my wife decided she was tired of fishing the river and the ICW and wanted to go out the inlet. She didn't feel brave enough to go all the way to the reefs so we just went out a mile or so and drifted. Both my wife and I can tell you that a three foot shark puts up a pretty good fight on a little 15# Daiwa combo, we caught the same one at least four times. I know we need structure to catch fish, you know it, now my wife finally understands.

I know in order to put her on some real fish I need to get her out of her comfort zone but that will be a long process, right now I'm focusing on our gear. I don't feel like burning a ton of gas so we'll focus on bottom fishing out of the St. Lucie inlet instead of trolling. A buddy suggested using 30# mono, 50# flouro leader, terminating with chicken rigs with 4/0 circle hooks; he does more fishing with a spear gun than with a rod and reel so I'm looking for more opinions. Does this sound about right or should he stick to shooting them and leave the fishing advice to fishermen?

jerrybark 08-14-2014 05:03 AM

you do not need flourocarbon leaders for bottom fishing in most cases, definitely not if you are using a chicken rig.


SuperMutu 08-14-2014 06:30 AM

Clean up the Senators and replace the drags. The Long Beach is a very capable reel. I had one that I replaced the drag and put on an Ugly Tiger with 50lb. mono. It pulled up a 90-110lb. jewfish from over 100'. Of course, with a bigger reel the fish would have come up much quicker. But the long beach handled the job.
For nostalgic reasons I'd have the rods rebuilt with new guides and cleaned up. That's just me though. Sometimes I like using the older gear. To me, anyone with a credit card can put together a nice Shimano combo(which I have as well). I won big grouper once with an old South Bend rod and Long Beach 65 with 60lb. mono.

As far as your fishing question, a 30lb. combo should be fine. I would always use flouro leader. From experience I know that stepping down from 50lb. flouro to 30lb. was needed to get the fish to bite. So, going from mono to flouro should make a big difference.

Chicken rigs are pretty good around the reefs. I'd also use a knocker rig or a jig. I would also use extra strong hooks. I have stopped using regular Gamakatsu circles due to them breaking...even on 30lb. gear. I either use 4X Gamakatsu or Owner(all of my restocking has been with Owner). I'd say some Mutu lights should work for you. Hook size will depend on your bait. You don't want the bait filling up the bend of the hook.

Don't forget to freeline something behind the boat while you're bottom fishing. You never know what you might pick up.

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