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Default wire leader

I can now say I have learned the hard way that fluorocarbon leader is not the answer to fish with sharp teeth. Sierra and wahoo to name a few. Can any of you guys with wire experience give me a few tips?? Single strand, soft, stainless, nylon coated, etc
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Default Re: wire leader

Check out the following link. Lots of good information about various wire products.
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Default Re: wire leader

I think you will find that, by far, for Wahoo, King Mackeral, Dolphin etc. most people prefer single strand stainless leader colored as dark as you can get. I fish mainly for king mackeral and fish this leader:

small swivel (30 pound test Sampo or Rosco) a 22 inch section of #3 (30 something test) coffee colored malin stainless a #4 4x strong Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp hook 5 more inched of #4 (40 something test) Malin stainless, coffee colored then another hook of the same size...all connections are haywire twists...I vary the lenght of the stinger section, and the size of the hook based on the size of my bait...

I recently chartered a boat out of Key Largo for dolphin looked like the leader they use was a bit thicker, possibly #5 or 6 and about 36 inches...hooks way differend too...hope this helps...
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Default Re: wire leader

I also use Malin single strand in # 3 and #4 for livies with great success. It's a one leader, one fish thing, but works great.

What's the skinny on the Titanium leader? I really need something to troll hard baits that that I can change out easily and that won't kink when it gets slammed. Does this stuff really tie with an albright or clinch or does it need to be crimped?

I'm still interested in keeping it light, as in about 30 pound class. Any feedback? Thanks.
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Default Re: wire leader

jhendric has it right. Now you need to learn to make an OK haywire twist ... the only good way to make a loop in wire.

See here:

It's better to twist the bitter end off than cut it ... it leaves a smooth finish that won't cut you.
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