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Default everol

does anyone have any opinnions on the everol 12/20.They claim 20 lbs of drag.Is this at strike or max.I want to use them on star 25-40 lb rods to troll for blues and stripers.
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Default Re: everol

Well, however you like, Fiber. The best way to phrase it is to say that the drag is ample. The preset can be set to give you twenty pounds at strike if you like; it should max at around 25 lbs then, and have about seven pounds above the freespool stop. The reels still freespools; it does so by virtue of having decent preset range to begin with. The lever gets a bit stiff at that range though; you might want to put the max at around twenty and have fifteenish at strike.

More? Sure. I know Chris Martell tuned the belleville washers to give a bit more, around thirty pounds. So I made a little double-your-drag mod that does around forty pounds.


Other stuff? I made a short run of hi-speed gearsets that went 5.6 : 1. Maybe I'll get back to that project but with helical gears. We'll see.

Opinions aren't really for me to state; I'll let the others do that.


PS: Affiliated? Yes, absolutely. Also PS: I tried the drag with a scale this morning to make sure I wasn't making stuff up.
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Default Re: everol

Sound like great reels. I'd love a set myself. But aren't they a bit of overkill for Stripers and Blues? 20 pounds of drag sound like small/mid tuna reels to me....
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Default Re: everol

Hey Rob, old chap - You really need to escape from your workshop for a week or two and get to pull on some hard fighting pelagics with your fine reels! How much would it cost for you to get over to Funchal or the Canary Islands? Let me know if you have the time for that, and I'll try and put you in touch with the right people.
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Default Re: everol

My favorite Tuna chunking reel. It can put out 20lbs of drag and handle it. So can the new 6/12's, a smaller version of it.

Power wise it's overkill for bass and blues but size wise it's not. It's slightly smaller then a TLD 15.

I spool mine with 300/65 braid and 100 of 40lb mono for tuna.
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