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parker95 06-01-2003 03:12 PM

Frustrating day on the Vineyard
Finally had a decent day and headed to the islands for a little striper fishing on saturday. Drifted the south side of Quicks Hole with about 20 other boats. Lot of fish there, but the only thing they were hitting was live herring. Anybody fishing herring had consistent hook up's, anybody without (including myself) watched in frustration Any suggestions for fishing early season bass when your not fortunate enough to have live bait?? Fortunately, we hit came across a massive school of blues feeding on sand eels, on the way home and had a ball with surface poppers.

sams 06-02-2003 06:06 AM

Frustrating day on the Vineyard
At this time of year with plenty of herring around its hard to get the fish to eat any thing else. Are there still herring in the runs? If so get a permit and go dip your limit before workin the AM and make a floating pen to keep them in.


NewMoon 06-02-2003 07:27 AM

Frustrating day on the Vineyard
If you can't get herring, as they are getting hard to come by now, I would suggest three way rigging some eels or finding some shad and using them. At this time in the season the bass can be very finicky....Tubes and Umbrellas will probably be good to use in a few weeks....

202 Scout Sportfisher, Suzuki 140HP, fish out of Point Judith, RI

HSVector 06-02-2003 12:04 PM

Frustrating day on the Vineyard
I was there until the tide slowed down and the bite died off around 10:30. We were using fresh dead herring and having a good deal of success. I think there are times when the deads can be just as effective as the lives. The deads are alot easier to get, and maintain. We buy them by the flat as lobster bait.

gerg 06-02-2003 02:01 PM

Frustrating day on the Vineyard
Parker, what were you fishing with?

I was at the race/valliant rock on thursday and had ok luck (30, 37") on live eels on three ways, but boats around us had much better hookups on diamond jigs with what looked like either pork rind or squid tipped on. We had no luck with bucktails though.

They seemed to be feasting on squid there though.

** yeahah **

parker95 06-02-2003 06:54 PM

Frustrating day on the Vineyard
Parker, what were you fishing with?

We were using chunked porgies. I did purchase a herring permit this hear, but a late herring run along with terrible weather left me with an empty herring pen. I've never tried diamond jigging base on the islands....worth a shot.

We buy them by the flat as lobster bait.

HS Vector....sounds like a great alternative!! Where Can I purchase the herring flats on the cape??


bonita blues 06-02-2003 07:15 PM

Frustrating day on the Vineyard
hey parker, we ere out sat. close to shore the tube and worm procuced a big fat zero. Didnt see any fish, period. it was flat calm warm and a slack tide. sunday we stuck it out in the rain and only landed one keeper. it was blowing like snot, raining straight in your face. loved every miniute of it (first fish first of june on the new Parker xl) grilled the fillets tonight, ah the taste of summer! tube and worm. I opened the stomach to find lobsters and crabs. no herring... rhode island

gerg 06-02-2003 07:51 PM

Frustrating day on the Vineyard
hey bonita, i bet that pilothouse seemed like a good idea yesterday, no?

** yeahah **

HSVector 06-03-2003 11:02 AM

Frustrating day on the Vineyard

We buy them from the Bait company that supplies the Lobster Fleet on the South Shore. You can get them at Marshfield or Scituate Harbor each morning around 6-6:30. The problem is, sometimes they are not fresh, they have been salted or brined and are not suitable for fishing!

some good bait shops have them as well. Try Belson's in Scituate.

parker95 06-03-2003 06:00 PM

Frustrating day on the Vineyard
Hope to give it another shot this week end if the weather gods allow....

Bonita the dedication, I would have done the same if I could have found another brave soul to head out with me. Unfortuanately, most of the folks that fish with me are fair weather fisherman, and I don't like to head out alone.

Tight Lines......Parker

bonita blues 06-03-2003 07:09 PM

Frustrating day on the Vineyard
yep two nut in the rain. the cabin was a spot to change into dry cloths basicly. we spent most of our time at the second station while trolling. Periodocly checking for weed on the line and ready to pounce on the rod with every hit. I had a smile ear to ear when changing locations. flip on the wiper, close the door and away we go. the same weather in my center console would have been imposible. the boat handeled like a tank. she is getting her bottom painted today, electronics tomorow. back in for the weekend. if i keep waiting for good weather it will be time for shrink wrap. I bought the Parker to fish rain or shine. so far so good. felt no pain after putting the fist keeper in the box.

bowhuntr 06-05-2003 08:14 AM

Frustrating day on the Vineyard
There's a place on the Canal called , I think, Commercial Marine. It's right by the stacks in Sandwich. They sell herring by the flat or tote. They supply bait to most of the charters on the Cape.

21' Sportcraft WA

parker95 06-05-2003 06:44 PM

Frustrating day on the Vineyard
Gotta love the sport cabin....shut the door and your dry as a bone. The boat has handled everything thrown at us so far with out missing a beat. Only challenge is with the older 2 stroke, I burn 13 - 15 gph, thus always looking for a crew to split the fuel tab

Bowhuntr....thanks for the info re; commercial marine...will check out this week end (if weather allows).

HSVector....How you were you fishing the fresh dead herring???

outnumbered 06-05-2003 07:34 PM

Frustrating day on the Vineyard
A Castmaster Blue/Silver with white bucktail works well. A few of us had to go to this this year because of the runs. The casmasters hve produced fish up to 39".

HSVector 06-10-2003 10:30 AM

Frustrating day on the Vineyard

We fish them the same way we do with lives, when we can get them. We drift them through the rips and holes on 2, 4 or sometimes 6 oz wieghts (depending on current and wind)with 3 or four foot leaders after the swivel. This past saturday morning was good in quicks on the westbound tide. We got over a dozen fish between 15 and 25 pounds. The fish were up to 45 inches but they were the skinniest stripers I ever saw.

parker95 06-10-2003 04:34 PM

Frustrating day on the Vineyard

Thanks for the info.....I'm playing hookie on friday and plan to either head back to the islands or out to billingsgate....i'll have to keep an eye on the forecast...


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