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Default new rod and reels

whats the combo for trolling in florida eat coast best rod and reel for around 300.00
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i'd start with a few tld 25s on some decent 20-40lb stand-up rods. should be able to get a couple combos for $350 total
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Reels: Shimano TLD 25's spooled with 30lbs mono.

Rods: Crowder E-Series, 6'6". 20-40lbs or 30-50lbs.

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We sell 6' or 6'6 custom rods with all Fuji guides for 149 or with a roller top and bottom for 169. you will be in for about 320 per combo with TLD 25's and get to pick your color of wrap on the rods as well. These rods come with a lifetime warranty against breakage. Let me know if you have any questions.

Todd Laker


Boomerang Fishing
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Based on my positive experience with a Penn Squall 30LD, I'd go with the Squall 50LD over the TLD25 -better features, better performance out of the box. (yes, I've had 4 TLD's since the 90's - great reels for the $$$ but the design is long in tooth)

Cant go wrong with a Crowder or a Boomerang rod - I've got some of those too.
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I'd go with a Penn Squall 40 for the increased drag in case a big wahoo comes along. You can get the reel for $130.00. The squalls are nice.For the rod I would go with the Terez TZC66H if you can fit it in the budget. They are so light and thin and have a lifetime warranty on the blank. That would bring you closer to $390 for each setup but well worth the extra money. Once you fish with a Terez it's hard to go back to E-glass rods. I think that's a perfect rod. You can also use this combo to pitch baits. Tackle Direct Has Penn Tourque rods on clearance. $99ea for a 30-40lb rod. Also a good choice with a graphite blank. If you go with the Tourque/Squall the combo will cost you only $230. For he money that's a great setup. Load it up with 40# braid and have fun.
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Originally Posted by cfarmd View Post
i'd start with a few tld 25s on some decent 20-40lb stand-up rods. should be able to get a couple combos for $350 total
This is good advice.

The Worlwide Sportsman has some nice, very inexpensive rods in the 20-30 class, or try those offerred by our THT vendors.

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Check out the new Shimano Tallus Bluewater series. They are made with Shimanos TC4 blank and are very light and strong. Pair it with a tld 20 and you will have a great trolling setup for $320 retail!
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I might go a slightly different route on the reels-
Avet LX 4.6's (which I have seen for about $210) on SeaStriker 6' 30-50 lb all roller stand-up rods ($105 each); on the rods, other options include Penn Mariners, Daiwa SLB's and UglyStiks.
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Default Rod Recommendation

Hey All, new to the forum...I have to say, we've gone through just about every rod manufacturer out there, from stock to custom and we've been the happiest with Boomerang Rods.We purchased 10 last year and just ordered 4 more...for a fully "custom" stick at a ridiculously good price, I would challenge anyone to find something nicer out there...the quality of the components, finish work, ect is second to none...get in touch with Todd, he's the best there is....
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Not sure where your at or if it applies at your local store, but Dicks here in daytona has a TLD25/penn combo on clearance for 145.00 regular 260.00
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Default Penn Squall

Link is to a lengthy conversation with noted reel Guru Alan Tani, who names the Penn Squall "best in class".
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