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Default Porgy (Scup) recipes

It seems that the only fish being caught in Long Island Sound these days are Porgys. They must be decent table fare if so many people fish for them. What do they taste like, how do you clean them, and would you share your favorite recipe?
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Default Porgy (Scup) recipes

I can't believe that the only thing being caught in your neck of the woods is Porgy . . .

Bluefish ought to be out there, maybe not in great numbers, but you should be able to get a few.

I used to live in Fairfield, a few blocks from the Penfield Reef. I didn't have a boat then, but I used to wade out on the reef. Here's the approach:

Get out there 2-2.5 hrs before low tide.
Wade out into waist deep water and start fishing using surface poppers or shallow plugs.
As the tide goes out, keep wading onto the reef - keeping the water around waist deep.
Quit fishing at dead low or when you've got as much fish as you're willing to carry/clean.

Using this method I never failed to walk home with at least two or three fish in the 10-15 # range.
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Default Porgy (Scup) recipes

My favorite way to preoare scup is:

Put on large hook (6/0 circle, or 4/0 live bait) dangle in front of striped bass
catch stripebass
and have striper steaks instead.

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Default Porgy (Scup) recipes

You mean you can actually COOK those damn things?


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Default Porgy (Scup) recipes

porgy (scup) are some of the best tasting fish out there !! I love big game fishing (bft,mako,and some striper,blues etc...) when i fish for table fare scup is #1 .Ask many seasoned salts in the north east and majority will agree.Those who dont eat porgy,never had it !! I usualy scale them,salt them,season them (pepper,oregano,garlic powder) in belly and put them right on a hot grill.About 4-5 minutes each side and they are ready to go !!! mmmmmm mm mmm tasty tasty unreal, my personel favorite of all fish for eating. Read last months "new england fisherman" the front page is about porgy,and a huge arcticle about how many people dont know how well these fish taste. try them and you will know what I mean. Go to a portueguese,greek,polish,italian, food store and you will see they are in high demand.

Fish on !!
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Default Porgy (Scup) recipes

Fishing for Porgy's is great fun. Love to take the neighborhood kids fishing for Porgy's

I eat Porgy's. They are a tasty fish. Not as good as fluke, but much better than bluefish, IMHO.

I think you will get more enjoyment out of them if you Only keep the BIG ones. Small ones are not worth the effort.

I filleted and take off the skin. You should also feel for the small bones and pull them out with a needle nose or cut them out. You will need a SHARP knife as they have tough scales.

Want fish recipes? Check out:

Enough recipes that you could spend the entire day!

Baked fish, Broiled fish, deep fried, grilled, pan fried, sautéed, Poached, salads, Smoked, soups and chowders. I'm sure you can find a recipe suitable for Porgy's.

Let us know what hits you.



Try the Middle Grounds for Porgy's!
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