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Default baitwell plumbing

new to saltwater fishing and my previous experience was great lakes trout and salmon on bait tanks are a new experience for me...

my boat has an in floor tank with a transom thru-hull that is plumbed to a pump which sends aerated water into the tank through an adjustable drains through another fitting that is plumbed to another transom thru-hull fitting...

i get how it works while stationary or drifting....but underway there will be no water behind the transom for the pump to pickup...

there is a scoop under the hull that was plumbed to a second adjustable nozzle in the tank...i plugged the scoop fitting in the bilge due to the fact that it had no shut off on it and i'm not taking any chances with a hose blowing and taking me down in the gulf...when i add a shut off i can replumb the scoop to the tank fitting...

i assume that the pump will keep the tank flowing during stationary and drift fishing and the scoop will automatically take over when moving...

do you shut the pump down when moving (it is switched at the helm)?...and allow the scoop line to take over?...or is there a better way to plumb this thing?

what are common methods of plumbing a bait tank so it will continue to aerate the water while moving and stationary?...

am i over-thinking this? little bait bucket with the aerator pump on the side is about as basic as it gets and i just keep thinking there has to be a simple way to keep a bait tank healthy without having to work at it....
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Sounds like you have it right. Add a shut off to the clamshell fitting that's under the boat and re plumb. Many boats have the pump tied to the single clamshell thru hull that is under the boat. When running the water is forced up thru the pump and into the well. When stationary the pump does the work. Since your boat already has multiple thru hulls I don't think I would change it. There are a lot of guys who have made keeping bait healthy a science, and where you are located it pays to have a good setup because the baits are plentiful but in my experience pretty delicate.
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Do you have an older Mako? That's similar to how my boat is plumbed. It will work fine as you described however it can overflow when underway. You may have to adjust how much each through hull is opened in order to keep the same rate of new water filling the box and as well as draining. If you don't keep the transom through hull open while under way your box will flood onto the deck. In order to keep the box from potentially over flowing while underway my box came with an overflow drainage tube at the top of the box which runs out the transom.
I find it annoying to have to have to be underway in order to drain the box. I am installing a macerator next week so I will be able to drain the box when sitting still.
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