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Default Chunking

Just another fishing term I can't figure out what exactly it is. Would someone take a moment and edu-ma-cate me?
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cutting ALOT of dead bait into chunks and throwing them in a consistent manner so as to form a stream of bait that fish can follow to the boat.
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Thanks. So it's kind of like chumming, but no spoon necessary, and not as messy.
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Yes, but the chunks are much bigger and sink deeper than chum therefore raising fish that are deeper in the water column or bottom fish. Down south we use ballyhoo mostly to chunk but any cut up fish will work. If you are using small fish like ballyhoo, pilchards, or pinfish don't bother with a knife. Get a decent pair of kitchen shears. Much quicker and less messy!!!
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Sometimes I do both while livebaiting for Cobia in the Bay. Chum bag in and chunk baitfish as we catch em. "chum-n-chunk"
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Chunking up here in the dbay is fishing chunks of bunker. Aka bunker chunkin. We cut the whole bunker up in 3 to 5 pieces. We catch big stripers in the spring and fall this way
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Chunking can be done drifting or at anchor. We used to cut up bunker or mackerel and throw chunks every minute or so to create a trail to the boat. Near the boat the fish will find whole butter fish stuffed with a hook. You have to put split shot on the bait fish so that they fall at the same rate the chunks do. After a fair amount of line is let out you reel it back in and throw it back in along with a handful of chunks.

If the fish are leader shy you can use a rig called a mouse trap which conceals the leader and hook in the bait fish. But fluoro leaders have mostly done away with the use of mouse trap rigs.

We also used to send down 2 lines with 12 ounce sinkers 50' and 100' rigged with big squid. And we would set out 2 floaters on styrofoam chunks. One day we caught over 17 60-100# yellowfin in about 3 hours at the Bacardi wreck up in NY.

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When we used to Chunk for Giant Blue Fin every so often a newbie would be invited to come along and depending on how rough it was they would do a lot of Chunking
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Did a lot of chunking for Tarpon in Hilton Head South Carolina. Caught a bunch of sharks as well as the Tarpon.
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