Reel maintenance: I don't do it. Opinions please!

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Default Reel maintenance: I don't do it. Opinions please!

I run all Shimano these days (unloaded my last crap 70vs Penn Intls. a few weeks ago). Only a freshwater wash down after a day offshore and storing them with the drags in freespool and nothing in terms of maintenance. I'm talking 30 Tiagra's and TLD-50's that are three and five years old respectively with smooth drags, good clickers and no issues whatsoever on any fish. At this rate I'm beginning to wonder when they'll crap out because they've given no indication whatsoever.

P.S. I also haven't changed my line in all that time other than removing the top 100-200yds and adding new line.

Should I be banned from THT? ;?
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You are like my buddy that brings me his reels AFTER they break and asks me to fix them! I say BAN YEE!!!

3 years, 5 years, 10 years... time is not the true defining factor for reel maintenance (line is a whole different story; time IS your enemy there). How much you use them is. If they see limited use, meaning a few trips a year, you're probably fine. If you're hardcore and out there 3 out of every 4 weekends, slaying fish on a regular basis, then yes, you should maintain them at least yearly.

I maintain my own reels, an assortment of Penn and Daiwa Sealines, every other year. Take them apart, clean them, remove any corrosion (that's also where time can be your worst enemy), replace any worn parts and drag washers, regrease and reassemble. Some of them are 20 years old now and they still work fine. Also, after any long battle with a big fish, the reel goes to my workbench for a quick once over. Some of my Sealines have literally had smoke coming out of them from blue marlin runs.

I just couldn't kick my own ass far enough up on my shoulders if I lost a nice fish due to a reel maintenance problem (lock-up, drag goes out, whatever). I've had fish break reels on me, but that was due to too big a fish and not enough reel. Things like snapping the anti-reverse dogs internally, but those are true mechanical failures, not due to lack of maintenance.

Question - if you had a chance to put a hurtin' on the beast in the pic below and lost it due to a reel (or line) maintenance issue, could you forgive yourself? 'nuff said!
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No offence but no maintance = more dollars then cents. Or just no cents.

If/when it breaks it is your own fault.
If/when you loose a fish it is your own fault.
If/when it corodes from the inside out it is your own fault.
If/when it is a POS it is your own fault.

I would rather have a well maintained mid tier piece of equipment then a top of the line miss used non maintanined piece of equipment.
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How often do you change the oil in your car? I hope you don't wait till the engine fails. Same argument. The longer you go the better chance you have of something catastrophic.
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