Block and tackle for the boat?

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Default Block and tackle for the boat?

I really want a monster mako one day. But if I get it, I won't be able to get it in the boat because I don't carry a block and tackle. Do you guys carry one on your boat? If so, any particular type that is best? I'm assuming a t top can handle the weight?
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No way I would attach that to a t-top.
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Originally Posted by JAGSARE1 View Post
No way I would attach that to a t-top.

If I were you I would put a vertical rod holder on each gunwale and have some type of boom that sits in the rod holder with a hand or electric winch.
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I wouldn't want a big ass mako in the boat with me. One of two things pull it, or call one one of those rigs up and use there crane.
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Here is a block and tackle on a t top... Not something that is recommended however.
You could install a gin pole, the draw back is they are ugly unless on a work boat.
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Have always had a stout block and tackle on board. A lot of commercial style boats in the NE have gin poles with block and tackle. Have used my B&T with a gin pole on a Fortier 26 to bring aboard BFT of 200#-600# (long time ago, when they were plentiful in my area). Took two men pulling to lift the big one in even with the block and tackle. Broke the bronze lifting hook as we got the fish to the top of the gin pole,- it fell into the cockpit rather than out of the boat. Pretty lucky. Still carry the B&T on the CC I have now," just in case.." but haven't had occasion to try it attached to the T top yet. I would try it with a 200-300# BFT if I got the chance. The only mako I ever pulled in the boat was a 100# pup and it came to life and chased me around cockpit. I wouldn't even consider putting a bigger one in the boat with me.
Most gunnels don't have the strength to hold a bent butt 130# rod and reel with a big fish on. I'm afraid they'd rip out the gunnels if you try to lift a big fish out of the water using vertical mount rod holders to hold a boom.
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You can get one used for big game animals pretty cheap and they can handle up to 500#. BPS sells them
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years ago{probably in the mid nineties,there was a device that was like a ramp that mounted on the top of the gunnel on the stern{see my rough draft attach}i had it on my 21'proline.i made one out of 3/4"plywood.i had to cut slices down the lenght,2"apart so i could form it in a concave shape.then i filled the groves with glu,sanded it,then fiberglassed it.worked pretty slick.i then took a trailer winch and made a rod holder adapter to fit in the holder,the rod holder already had backing plates on it.i hauled in a huge blue shark{est.400lb.s}with no ramp actually is in contact with the water,not like in the illistration.

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Buckman who is BPS?;?
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Originally Posted by clambo View Post
Buckman who is BPS?;?

Bass Pro Shop

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Iguess that's why real boats (any first rate twin diesel inboard sportfish) have good sized transom doors. A tail rope and three guys can eaily pull in a 1,200 lb'er if you were so lucky.
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This is one of my favorites from delph fishing

"Loading the Boat
This is a 765# bluefin tuna as it is hoisted over the side of my 27' boat using an electric winch and an "A" frame. The first action is lifting and as the "A" frame rotates, it pulls the fish into the boat. The entire process takes about 20 seconds."
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Default quality b & T

this is a nice rig
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